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US Public Holidays 2015

Making The Most of US Public Holidays You will be interested to know that the USA federal government recognizes national holidays pertaining to the employees of that particular state only. Each state will at its own discretion allow the employees within their local jurisdiction to get time off. America have eleven federal holidays of which ten are annual…

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Hong Kong Public Holidays 2012

Just thinking of Hong Kong movie icons like Bruce Lee, whose statue can be seen at the harbour tower, will make you realize how much there is still to enjoy here in Hong Kong during public holidays 2012. Tourists from all over are in awe of various top attractions like the Avenue of Stars, the ladies…

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Independence Day 2013: 4th of July

Independence Day 2013 Independence Day is also known as The Fourth of July and it is the National Day of the United States. Its significance is historical and dates back in the 18th century, namely in 1776 when the Thirteen Colonies legally became separated from Great Britain and formed The United States of America. These…

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Easter Monday 2013

Easter Monday: What is & When is in 2013? When is Easter Monday in 2013? This year Easter Monday 2013 falls on April 1st, 2013. It gets celebrated by all according to their individual beliefs and various religious denominations. This day is the last day of the Easter weekend festivities and is also called Dyngus…

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