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File Sharing and Collaboration

The file sharing means to share as well as distribute the multimedia such as videos, applications, audio and video files and the images as well. As the world is becoming a global village the trends are changing and file sharing occurs too often.

The transfer of this magnitude has increased the global communication but has also reduced the privacy and has raised certain other issues as well. But now a days many organizations and companies are depending on file sharing between each other for communication so the goal is to achieve Secure File Sharing.

But that is easier said then done with the advancement of technology many cyber attacks occur using the file sharing so the main concern here is to avoid these things and to do the secure file sharing.

There are many ways to share files securely now a days the most common tools used in industry right now are

  • Pcloud
  • Enigmail
  • Signal
  • Resilio 
  • Spider Oak
  1. Pcloud

The Pcloud is a cloud sharing tool that has an encryption layer for protecting your data. As its name suggest it offers cloud storage so in any case a mishap occurs your data will be secure on its online server storage.

  1. Enigmail

It is an open source tool available on Mac and Linux + windows as well. It has two layered and end to end encryption that secures the sending of email from one person to another. 

  1. Signal

The most secured app for the messaging setting a golden standard in industry as said in a survey. An open source application with a strong and powerful end to end encryption that openly challenges hackers of all sorts.

The necessity of online file transfer and sharing

The file sharing is the most important method for the transfer of data now a days as the files are very much old school now a days and the market requires the new methods of transferring data in the form of digital data highlighting the importance of the method of Online File Sharing.

Benefits of this

There are a lot of benefits and some of them are given below

  1. Cost effective

This method is extremely cost effective as you just don’t have to send your data to another location or the company through the courier service. This saves the organizations a lot of money.

As we know in business the company who saves the most is regarded as the successful company so this method is very well suited to businesses.

  1. It saves a lot of time

We all know about the proverb “time is money” this method is very efficient regarding to saving the time as the data is transferred in an instant meaning that you can transfer the data anytime you want.

So instead of sending and waiting for the 2 days for other party to receive and respond to your sent document they receive files almost immediately as soon as you send them.

  1. Privacy and security

Now a days the privacy is the major concern of the worlds biggest as well as smallest corporations. No one wants their private data to get leaked and mis used. So, this method solves this concern as well.

Because as we all know that most of the files sharing tools are end to end encrypted so there is no way that your private and confidential data will get mis used and leaked. The privacy is the thing that no company compromise about now a day and this method has proved time to time that it can maintain the privacy.

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