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James Dondero Is A Business God

James Dondero is an all-American businessman that’s worked in the world of finance for the entirety of his 30-odd-year career. Mr. Dondero is likely best known as the chief executive and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment firm that currently manages some $17 billion in assets, the vast majority of which belongs to corporate clients that trust only the most reputable of service providers in finance to manage their millions upon millions of dollars, if not into the billions.

But so many corporate interests have trusted James – often called Jim by his closest peers, friends, and family members – with their lives, effectively; what firms or which people of high values trust just anybody to invest their money in? Exactly – only the cream of the crop gets their money, and Jim Dondero and Highland Capital Management are collectively one of them.

While Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero is certainly, undeniably a great businessperson, he’s also been known as a great philanthropist, as well.

One example of this businessperson’s efforts in philanthropy is clearly demonstrated in an example involving the Dallas Zoo, a local zoo that houses exotic animals from around the world so that researchers can better learn about their species, as well as keep those organisms alive in the event they’re hunted to extinction.

The hippopotamus is one of these endangered animals. It’s native only to parts of Africa, which happens to be one of the world’s only havens for the most majestic beasts on planet Earth. However, hippos – alongside so many of their African counterparts, ranging from the northern white rhino, a species of which the last male in the wild died just weeks ago, to the few species of elephant on planet Earth; all of them except for the one species of elephant in Asia – are commonly hunted for their tusks, as they’re believed to hold medicinal value across some parts of China, and are even used to show their owners are luxurious, and able to afford such products made from their horns.

Himself feeling bad for the state of hippos across the world, Mr. Jim Dondero decided to donate a whopping one million dollars – that’s in United States Dollars, of course – to the Dallas Zoo with the one restriction being that the facility had to use it to bring hippos back to the facility, just years after the Dallas Zoo had stopped housing rhinos after its last one in captivity had passed away of old age. Now, the zoo is able to get its helpful hands on rhinos again, all thanks to the good nature of Jim Dondero.

Dondero had started his career not by following the footsteps of an elder family member, like some people who’ve had highly successful careers, but rather attending the University of Virginia to earn two degrees – one in accounting, the other in finance – from the school’s McIntire School of Commerce.

Highland Capital Management is one of the finest investment firms in all of the United States.

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