Travel Guide to Italy

A top tourist destination, Italy offers its visitors a wide range of experiences through each and every one of its regions. Sprawling on over 1,000 kilometers from North to South, the country extends from the majestic Alps and the heavily industrialized Po Valley in the North to the fascinating islands and sun-drenched Mediterranean coast in the South. If Italy’s valuable artistic and cultural heritage dates back to the Renaissance, the country attracts the tourists also because of its beautiful nature, great beaches, culinary delights, and lifestyle.

When to visit Italy

The best times of the year to book your trip to Italy are the spring and autumn months (from April to June and from September to October), especially if you are planning to tour the countryside. Both the temperatures and the tourist activity are moderate during these periods. August is to be avoided, if possible, as well as December, because of the holidays. Touristic places are crowded and prices tend to soar at these times of the year.


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