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Worldwide Delivery: Top Tips When Sending International Parcels

Today, it’s incredibly easy to send parcels abroad as plenty of couriers offer worldwide shipping at affordable rates.

So whether you’ve got family who live abroad that you want to send parcels to or your business is expanding globally and needs to send items to international clients, here’s how to make sure your parcels get there in one piece:

Make Note of the Size and Weight of Your Parcels

Different couriers will have different requirements when it comes to the maximum weights and sizes they’ll accept on their international services. This is to ensure the depot and drivers are able to handle your parcels safely. Typically, a parcel’s maximum length will be 1.2m, being no more than 60cm wide or deep.

30kg tends to be the maximum weight – but again, this is entirely dependent on the courier you’re using and where in the world you’re shipping your parcel to.

Consider How You Package Your Parcel

As your parcel travels from country to country and depot to depot, it’s going to come across a variety of different things, from bumpy roads to turbulent flights and sorting hubs to conveyor belts. That’s why you need to make sure your parcel is packed well.

Find a box that’s large enough to take your item but not too big so your item’s not moving around inside.

Also, check with the courier if they have any stipulations for the packaging. Some don’t accept shrink-wrapped parcels, for example.

Protect Your Item

Even though you’ve now protected your item as best you can on the outside, you’ll still need to make sure it’s well wrapped inside too. Bubble wrap, shredded newspaper and even old clothes are ideal for adding extra layers of protection.

Sadly, however, all this effort might not be enough to prevent it from getting damaged in transit, which is why you may want to invest in insurance for your parcel. This may make your shipping cost more expensive, though, so it’s worth looking at what options are available.

For example, Whistl offers cheaper services if you send your item untracked. While their tracked service is a must for expensive items that you want to keep tabs on, this cost-effective service is ideal for letters and smaller parcels or if you’re only sending something small and inexpensive to family and friends.

Double-Check the Address

Finally, while this point might sound ridiculously obvious, if you’re sending something to an international address, you need to check and double-check you’ve got the right address.

Check the address with the person you’re sending it to and then check the label once you’ve done it. It’s a good idea to add a returns label to the parcel (one with your address on), just in case the item doesn’t get there or needs returning.

By following all of the above pointers, you’ll be enjoy smooth international shipping in no time at all.

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