Australian Holidays

  • Great Ocean Road

    A carload of memories from Down Under

      Photography source There’s no denying that Australia’s far away – not exactly the next stop after the corner shop! An easy 15-hour flight from Los Angeles, it can feel like a voyage into the Great Unknown after a day…

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  • Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne

    What To Do in Melbourne

    Things to do in Melbourne As a visitor to Melbourne you might be interested to learn what can all be done while on holidays. Locals as well as international visitors with school going children might want to take note of the following…

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  • Tasmania Flag

    Tasmania Public Holidays 2013

    Experience True Excitement During Public Holidays Tasmania From soaring peaks, interesting rainforests, dense bushland to white sandy beaches, Tasmania is a true haven for many a holiday maker during peak holiday time and offpeak season. You can expect to see the world’s…

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  • Australian flag - Australian public holidays

    Australian Public Holidays 2015

    Visitors to Australia will soon realize that this country is fast becoming a major hub for investment from tourism businesspeople. This could be the reason why there is so much hype around Australia as one of the top tourist destinations during public…

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  • Gundabooka National Park

    Top 3 Places to visit in New South Wales (NSW)

    Check also: NSW Public Holidays Visitors to NSW can look forward to enjoying very exciting adventures while on holiday. Let us take a closer look at some scenic ventures you can experience in NSW: Gundabooka National Park Red road in Gundabooka National…

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  • QLD - Queensland flag

    Public Holidays 2012 Qld

    Queensland is known to be a haven for holiday makers who are in the mood for action packed adventures, or something more relaxing during public holiday time 2012 Qld. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder that many…

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  • New South Wales Flag

    NSW Public Holidays 2012

    As a cultural and sophisticated State, New South Wales (NSW) is known for its leisure activities like swimming, bushwalking, sailing, and surfing. Visitors during NSW public holidays 2012 would love getting involved in going to the movies, attending live theatre, music as well…

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  • St Patrick's Day

    St Patrick’s Day 2015

    Although St Patrick’s Day was celebrated as a religious holiday in the past, it is now being recognized as a secular public holiday. The Irish celebrate this day with much fervor in Ireland itself and also in other countries where there are…

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  • 5 Australian Towns You Won’t Want to Leave

    What makes a perfect vacation? You can boil it down to 2 essential elements: relaxation and indulgence. Some vacation destinations offer more of one than the other, but a few get the mix just right. In some cases, the mix…

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  • new-zealand

    5 Things You Need to Know about Visiting New Zealand

    New Zealand is a must-see for most world travelers. This hot spot destination is one of those rare places that seems almost untouched by many of the modern advances that plague and pollute the more densely populated areas of the…

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