Public Holidays

  • UAE Public holidays

    UAE Public Holidays 2013

    UAE Holidays 2013 Many major Islamic festivals are being celebrated during public holidays in the United Arab Emirates. People might be surprised to learn that they celebrate New Year’s Day in addition to their traditional Islamic festivals every year. The…

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  • St Andrews Day Scotland Flag

    St. Andrew’s Day 2012

    When is St. Andrew’s Day 2012? This year St. Andrew’s Day falls on 30 November 2012. It is considered to be a feast day in honor of Saint Andrew who was an enthusiastic saint of Scotland. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament declared…

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  • Songkran

    Songkran 2013

    The Significance of Songkran – Thailand’s Traditional New Year What is Songkran, but the traditional Thai New Year festival that embraces love, compassion, goodwill, and being grateful for everything good and noble. Songkran comes from the word Sankskrit, which means move or…

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  • Ramadan

    Ramadan 2013

    Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr: Muslim Celebrations Ramadan begins on 9 July 2013. Muslims all over the world practice fasting (sawm) for the a whole month during what they call Ramadan. You may be curious to learn more about what it is,…

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  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving 2015

    Thanksgiving Celebrations Around The World Thanksgiving day is a way to express heartfelt appreciation for the harvest received. This day is observed in many different ways around the world, and is generally considered as a special holiday celebration day that brings about…

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  • philippines flag

    Philippines Public Holidays 2012/2013: Holiday Calendar

    Top Things To Do During Philippines Public Holidays The Philippines is a popular tourist destination. This can be seen from the tourism statistics in 2010 where as much as 3,520,471 visitors came to see what this beautiful country all had to offer. Last…

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  • National SIngapore Day Parade

    Singapore National Day 2012

    Date of National Day of Singapore 2012 National Day is celebrated on August 9th 2012 Why Singapore National Day Has Great Significance To Its Inhabitants Back in 1966, Singapore celebrated their first National Day, which was one year after they…

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  • Vesakha Buddhists

    Vesak Day 2012 (Vesakha): Buddhist Day

    Date of Vesak Day in Asian Countries During 2012 As the Buddha teachings are widely accepted due to its teachings of calmness, peace and love shown, the United Nations have declared Vesak day as International Day. Dates of Vesak Day in…

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  • Peruvian Flag

    Public Holidays in Peru 2013

    Calendar of Holidays in Peru Peruvians don’t usually get a great deal of time off work, so they always make the most of the various public holidays in Peru. Although many of the traditional festivals like the Andean New Year…

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  • Brazil Flag - Brazil Public Holidays

    Brazil Public Holidays 2013: Calendar

    2013 Public Holidays in Brazil It can be difficult getting your head around the public holidays in Brazil, as each state in this vast country has its own public holidays, as well as the national festivals that are celebrated by…

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