7 Popular Activities to do in Kenya’s National Parks

There are several activities that tourists one can engage in during safaris in Kenya’s National Parks. Here are some fun activities that you should consider when you visit Kenya’s National Parks.

  1. Wildlife Safaris:

During Kenya private safaris, you can go on a game drive in any of the parks. Early mornings and late afternoons are typically the best times to go on game drives. During the midday heat, most animals seek refuge in the shade of dense undergrowth and vanish from sight. Morning and afternoon game drives also provide opportunities to experience the unforgettable African dawn and dusk.

Tsavo has some of the most spectacular game drives in the world, with vast herds of dust-red elephants, fat pods of hippo, a kaleidoscope of bird life, and a blazing backdrop of endless bush. The views of the vast, rolling savannahs are magical, you feel fully immersed in the African wilderness.

Night game drives are also available for tourists to see the nocturnal species.

During the Masai Wildebeest Migration, millions of wildebeest, antelope, and zebra, as well as the predators that follow them, arrive from the neighboring Serengeti Plains and thunder through Masai Mara National Reserve between July and October.

  1. Bird watching:

Kenya is a popular destination for bird watchers because it is home to over 1,100 different bird species.

Kenya is recognized as one of the top countries for its 1090 bird species. Unsurprisingly, a growing number of Kenyans are becoming enthusiastic bird watchers, and bird watching is a rapidly expanding hobby worldwide. The nation is blessed with more than 62 places to go bird watching that are known internationally as Important Bird Areas.

You can enjoy bird-watching during Kenya private safaris at:

  • The Central Rift Region: Hells Gate, Lake Nakuru National Park and Mt. Longonot National Parks
  • The Coastal Region:  Arabuko-Sokoke forest and Shimba Hills National Park
  • The Western Region: The Kakamega Forest, Mt. Elgon National Park and Ruma National Park
  • The Mountain Region: Aberdare National Parks, Mwea National Park and Mt Kenya National Park
  • The Tsavo Region: Tsavo West, Tsavo East and Chyulu National Park
  • The Northern Region: Meru, Sibiloi, Kora, Marsabit and Central and Southern Island National Park
  1. Guided nature walks:

Learn about the local flora and fauna by taking a guided walk through the national parks when having Kenya private safaris.

Escape the confines of a vehicle and immerse yourself in Kenya’s breathtaking wilderness. After a long day of work, nothing beats a stroll through our cool, quiet nature trails, where the only sounds are birds singing and trees whistling.

Nature trails can be self-guided or tour-guided even during Masai Wildebeest migration. Night walks are another excellent option. Nature walks can only be done in parks that have unique wildlife and scenic beauty that will leave you speechless.

Nairobi Safari Walk, Ndere Island National Park, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kakamega National Park, Mt. Kenya National Park, Tana River Primate National Reserve, Aberdare National Park, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks and Mt. Elgon National Park are among the parks that offer nature walks.

  1. Underwater Adventure: Marine Parks

Snorkeling and scuba diving provide one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experiences within our marine parks especially during Kenya private safaris.

Relax while playing with dolphins and admiring the coral gardens. KWS ensures that your underwater adventure is equally spectacular.

Diving, wind surfing, water skiing, and glass bottom rides are some other adventure activities. After a day of hard work, visitors can unwind by sunbathing in the beautiful Kenyan weather.

The only marine park that offers wind surfing and water skiing is Kiunga Marine National Park (located in Lamu).

The five marine parks along the Kenyan Coast are:

  • Watamu National Park
  • Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve
  • Kiunga Marine National Park
  • Kisite Marine Park -Mpunguti Reserve.
  • Malindi Marine park
  1. Fishing

All you fishermen out there! At one of the many chilly mountain streams that run through the Aberdare forest, excellent fishing is waiting for you. Aberdare National Park offers some brown and rainbow trout fishing thanks to its crystal-clear, flowing streams, shaded river bends, mossy overhangs, and meandering lengths.

At the park gates, a fishing license should be purchased (for a little fee). This is due to Kenyan law, which only permits fly fishing, though there are fishing opportunities in Tsavo West and Mt. Kenya Parks as well.

  1. Hiking:

Hiking trails are available in some national parks, allowing visitors to explore the area on foot during Kenya private safaris.

Begin your journey in a car and end with a horseback ride. Drive to Hell’s Gate and ride a horse to observe wildlife. Tsavo East, Chyulu Hills, Aberdares, Mt. Elgon National Park, and Hell’s Gate National Park all have horseback riding.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Climb Mt. Kenya’s slopes and take in the changing flora as you go. Walk through a cloud-filled alpine meadow, bracing yourself against the frigid winds that swoop down to where the land becomes rocky and desolate. Conquer Africa’s second highest peak and experience what it’s like to stand almost on the “roof of Africa.”

Mt. Kenya is conquered by true conquerors. It is located about 140 kilometers north of Nairobi, with its northern flanks crossing the Equator, and is part of the national park. It has three famous peaks: Batian (5200m), Nelion (5188m), and the most popular point, Lenana (4985m).

Mt. Elgon is another mountain that can be climbed without any technical climbing skills. There are several routes to the peaks that any moderately experienced hiker can take. A number of well-marked nature trails lead around the Elkony Caves if you prefer a more leisurely stroll.

Kenya, which is never short of options, offers yet another fantastic climbing location: The Aberdare Ranges. The summits are reachable with only a strenuous high-altitude trek. Aberdare National Park is centrally located in Kenya and is accessible by road and air, making it a pleasant single-safari destination.

Lesatima (4,001m), Table Mountain (3,971m), Kinangop (3,906m), and Kipipiri are among the peaks (3,349m)

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