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Budsgunshop Springfield Armory Review

Weapons are a product of violence, and that is indeed true. But we cannot simply overlook the fact that these very weapons are the objects of defense in this densely violent world. The crime rates soar new heights each week, the armed robberies and heinous attacks happen every minute, and that cannot merely be ignored as a regular phenomenon. 

Hence, to avert these rippling events to rip off our entire lifestyle in a snap, the US constitution provided its citizens with the right to possess weapons. An amendment that carries within itself an abundance of controversies and debates. Sidelining that facts, weapons are what people simply possess for defense unless they are uncannily twisted and tend to sling out bullets in harm. This is why licensed guns and guns with smaller radii range are highly suggested for civilian use. And there’s no perfect place than the for your gun shopping as they possess almost all kinds and brands of guns. And one of those famous brands would be reviewed today in this very article. 

Let us see what they hold that positively separates them from the rest. 

Springfield Armory: The Fundamentals Of Gun Realms 

Springfield Armory is a popular gun brand as they hold a gun-type for almost every category of society. They got high profile rifles for the defense area, the moderate rifles, and highly dispersed guns for the cops, and small pistols for the civilians. Their products are reliable, high in quality, and accurately hit the right pricing systems. Top much in a single package, isn’t it? 

Therefore, Springfield armory is simply put into words: a bundle of gun features within a small brand. If that’s what you are after, then here’s what we think about the best selling Springfield armory guns. 

XD 3-Inch Subcompact 

This was the first Springfield pistol to be launched beside the heavy sized rifles. Ever since the gun has conquered the gun market through its low priced charms and accurate hits, the gun isn’t something you would term as fancy as it’s a tiny 3-inch barrel gun with around 9mm range. But it offers enough if compared with its cost, around 400-500 dollars. The gun is exceptionally cost-effective and offers essential features like high grip security within its smooth poly striker body. 

The safety features are enhanced through a lever that works against an uncalled trigger push and averts the gun from firing when dropped accidentally. 

Springfield Range Officer Champion 1911

The current market rulers might be the XD  series, but the range officer champions have been witnessing changes and evolving since 1911s. A pure vintage weapon with a full-size grip and a shorthand barrel of 2.5 inches. The gun eminently sits under a fancily engraved cocobolo wood that exactly chambers across 9mm. The gun has it all:

  • grip safety,
  • well structured hammer and trigger
  • perfect rear covers and optic front sights 
  • flawless alloy frame

And this is what upsurges its price around 750-800 dollars. You have to pay to get those retro vibes and a glistening piece of gun. 

Springfield EMP

The piece where Springfield outdid themselves, a micro pistol with mighty powers. EMP, as in Enhanced Micro Pistol, is an utterly compact pistol measuring around 5 inches in height and 1.12 in width, and approximately 6 inches in length. And all of this wrapped up around a 3-inch functioning barrel. The gun stands proudly with:

  •  a profusely eminent cocobolo wood that grips perfectly over the triggers and handles. 
  • fancy trigger and hammer safety 
  • best tritium sights in a pistol 
  • ambidextrous features 

However, this compact size with such a wide variety of features comes at a substantial price. The gun could range around 1000-1500 dollars. 

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