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Cross-Country Road Trip In The US- How To Be Extra Safe

Americans have always loved being on the road. But the pandemic has fueled the popularity of road trips like never before. It is a lot safer from the virus-safety perspective as you use your own vehicle. There aren’t crowds to jostle through at the airport, and you need not worry about the virus being airborne as in a plane. But when it comes to travel safety, you need to consider physical threats too. Perils like road accidents, robberies, and shootings are always a concern. But you can take some measures to be extra safe during a cross-country road trip. Let us share them with you. 

Research your route and destination

Researching your route and destination should be your top priority when you set off on a long journey by road. Check online to find the safest routes, places to stop en-route, and learn about the destination. Go through statistics on crime and hotspots that may come on the way. Fortunately, bullet proof vest is legal in all fifty states of the country, but it is still wise to double-check the rules. As you research the risk factors along the route, check the status of the virus outbreak because it continues to be a concern.

Get a complete check and service for your car

When it comes to road tripping, you are as safe as your vehicle. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere can land you in deep trouble, particularly if you are traveling solo or with young children. While you may have to struggle to get your car running again, there is always a risk of thieves and criminals attacking you. It is vital to get a complete check and service for your vehicle before you hit the road. Let the mechanic know that you expect it to hold through a cross-country drive. If they have recommendations for changing parts or even replacing the car before the trip, pay heed to the advice. 

Gear up for the trip

You can expect your packing checklist to be a tad longer if you plan to drive cross-country. Start with the basics, such as adequate supplies of water and healthy snacks to carry you through the long-distance travel. Pack travel essentials like clothing, toiletries, medicines, masks, and sanitizers. Do not forget the safety essentials like body armor and pepper sprays. If you are a first-time buyer, read more about bullet proof vest before you buy one. You can easily pick the right type and fit with some knowledge and awareness. Gearing up for a cross-country drive also requires spare tires and a basic maintenance kit. Brush up on your skills so that you can handle minor vehicle problems without help.

Apart from these tips, make sure that you are always alert and vigilant with your driving and other perils on the road. As a rule, never give a ride to hitchhikers because they can be criminals in disguise. Choose the locations for rest breaks wisely. Stay connected with friends and family back home. 

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