Make the Most of the Mild Spring Weather in Turkey

This winter weather seems to be dragging on forever. Grab a cheap flights to Dalaman in Turkey to steal yourself some vitamin D with a spring break in the sun. With temperatures averaging around 10 degrees warmer than at home, the sprawling Turquoise Coast of could be just what you need.

Antalya Turkey

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Running along the south and west of Antalya the region boasts several must see areas, untouched rugged mountains, spectacular bays and pretty coves cut into the rock surrounded by crystal clear blue Mediterranean ocean.

Antalya offers it all

The ‘capital ‘ of the Turquoise Coast, Antalya, is only a 3.5 hour drive from Dalaman airport and has the charming old quarter surrounding the Roman harbour juxtaposed against the modern city.

If it’s sunshine you crave then Antalya is the place for you. The area gets almost 300 days of sunshine and with its sweeping sandy beach, ancient sites and nearby bustling nightlife it’s easy to see why Antalya is one of Turkey’s fastest growing cities.

How to get around

There are the mini-bus services that can take you into the mountains. It can be a bit nerve racking as the somewhat rickety buses climb up along the winding rocky paths but a benefit can be an arranged visit to a local house. Here you’ll be welcomed in for a traditional Turkish tea.

But the very best way to see the best of the sprawling hills, mountains and rocky verges is to rent a car and head for the hills. Here you can explore the timeless remote mountain villages. You can drive for miles seeing only Sheppards herding their flock across pristine mountainsides.

By sea

Ditch the car and see the Turquoise coast at its best on the internationally renowned Blue Voyage. The trip takes day-trippers out on schooners to ancient cities, harbours, tombs and intimate beaches that litter the coast.

Value for money

Let’s be honest most of us are living life on a budget nowadays. With reliably warm weather the cost of Turkey offers non-Eurozone value for money. You can explore the untouched sandy beaches on one of the many boat trips or venture out to the dramatic coastline by car.

Visit Turkey this spring and lose yourself in the heritage of the ancient ruins, amphitheatres and Roman towns while never being far from restaurants, coffee shops and nightlife.

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