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Stay Safe With These Top Rated Semi Truck Accessories

A semi truck requires greater considerations than an average sedan. While you may look for ways to enhance your semi truck seats, the truth is you always need to think about the safety of your vehicle. Proper LED marker lights and accessories to help you put on tire chains can make all the difference in how you feel while driving. Here are just a few devices you should consider for your semi truck before you head out on the road next.

Chain ‘Em Up 

Depending on where you plan on driving, you may need to adhere tire chains to your vehicle. They help you get through the snow, but they can be a hassle to put on, especially if you are by yourself. You can make the job simpler with Chain ‘Em Up. This tool elevates your tires, so it is simpler to put on the chains. It is specifically designed for semi truck tires, so it will not break under pressure.

4” Pearl Round Double-Faced LED Lights 

Many semi truck drivers go out at night. You want to be visible by all other vehicles at all times. You need to ensure your lights are working perfectly. It is even beneficial to install additional lights, such as the 4” pearl round double-faced LED lights. They are easy to mount, and they provide your truck with extra visibility.

Oversize Load Sign

Another way you can make sure other drivers see you is with the adornment of an oversize load sign. It is constructed out of heavy-duty, yellow materials. There is a grommet in each corner, and the size measures 84 inches by 18 inches total. It is simple to place it on the back of your truck, so anyone driving up behind you will see it with ease.

Protect Deluxe Chrome Stripper and Crimper

There is a vast array of Iowa 80 semi truck chrome products available. You may already have one of these devices on your truck, but you need to get inside to deal with a malfunction. To do this work safely and efficiently, you need a dedicated stripper and crimper. With this tool, you are able to strip away any protective coatings without damaging any underlying wires. They even come with a cushion grip to prevent you from getting fatigued while using it.

Heated Windshield Wiper Blade

Semi truck drivers have to stay on the roads whether there is rain or sleet. You need to maintain a clear view out of the windshield at all times, and that is where the heated windshield wiper blade comes into play. When used in conjunction with the wiper blade sensor, it can keep your windshield crystal clear no matter where you are. The sensor knows when it is cold outside, and it heats up the blades accordingly. The blades remain between 130 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so you never deal with cloudy vision.

Monitor your truck’s fault codes in real time. ELDs are connected to the vehicle`s diagnostic port through which the device gathers data and produces real time alerts and detailed reports with insight on recurring issues.

You can find all of these safety products and many others like them online. Find a reputable semi truck accessory shop online to see what you can benefit from next.

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