Easter Monday 2013

Easter Monday: What is & When is in 2013?

Easter Monday 2013

When is Easter Monday in 2013?

This year Easter Monday 2013 falls on April 1st, 2013. It gets celebrated by all according to their individual beliefs and various religious denominations.

This day is the last day of the Easter weekend festivities and is also called Dyngus Day (Wet Monday) due to traditional pranks that involved water.

Post Easter festivities involved Easter egg hunting on the Sunday where children will run around looking for hidden eggs that the Easter bunny left for them in strategic places in and around the house or property.

In most parts of the world, people make use of Easter Monday as a day of rest. In countries like Canada and Australia, many people make the most of this eventful day by being involved in outdoor activities. In other parts of the world all kinds of parades take place on Easter Monday. Among Polish communities, the children love playing water games

In the USA, they follow their own tradition which involves what is known as the Egg Roll that occurs at the White House. The tradition goes as far back as 1878.

Easter Monday’s Historical Background

Formerly, Easter Monday was regarded as unlucky and was known as Black Monday as many sources attributed this expression to life lost during military expeditions. Children were not very fond of Monday as it meant they need to return to school after the Easter break, and often referred to it as Bloody Monday.

In England women hauled out any man that they found in bed. In the North of England it was tradition for mane to lift women three times by their legs and arms, where women would do the same to the men the next day. In Ireland Easter Monday was known to be the Day of the Easter Egg Bundle or the Day of Feasts.

Modern Day Activities Prior To Easter Monday

Great excitement is being experienced by all over the Easter weekend. In the USA, spring break begins on Saturday where plenty of family friendly events are being held. Take Atlanta, USA where they celebrate the start of spring featuring various dog shows where events include freestyle flying disc, dog diving, fly ball, and many more…

It is interesting to note that the world in general observe the Gregorian calendar when it comes to celebrating Easter which falls on April 1st, 2013.

Happy Easter Monday 2013.

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