All Saints Day: What is & When is?

What is All Saints Day ?

All Saints Day

All Saints Day – 1 November 2012, 2013 etc

The day on which all Christians have a feast in honor of all saints of the church. This observance was first ordered by Pope Gregory IV in 837 and back in medieval England it was also called All Hallows, and its eve is known as Halloween to this day.

Others called it All Souls Day as it became a customary thing to pray for the dead on this date in medieval times. In the 18th and 19th century, villagers in Lancashire as well as Derbyshire would actually light some fires out in the fields while kneeling down and praying for all souls who have passed away.

Countries across the globe celebrates this day in slightly different ways. What is noteworthy is that Portuguese children celebrate all saints day tradition by going from door to door to receive pomegranates, cakes, and nuts. This would occur in certain areas of Lisbon only.

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