Australian Public Holidays 2015

Visitors to Australia will soon realize that this country is fast becoming a major hub for investment from tourism businesspeople. This could be the reason why there is so much hype around Australia as one of the top tourist destinations during public holidays 2015. The saying goes that “There is nothing like Australia”.

There are various natural attractions that can be seen by visitors to this continent. From animals, natural attractions, desert areas, sub-tropical islands, mountains to ski on, and beautiful landscapes to stunning beaches. Australia seem to have it all.

Public Holiday Dates For The Remainder of 2015 Australia

Australian flag - Australian public holidays

With only four months left of 2015, it would be best to list the remaining public holidays Australia 2015.

Public Holiday From September to December 2015

National Wattle Day – 1 Sept 2015

Fathers Day – 6 Sept 2015

Australian National Flag Day – 3 Sept 2015

Citizenship Day – 17 September 2015

Queens Birthday (QLD & WA) – 28 September 2015

Labour Day (NSW) (ACT) (SA) – 5 October 2015

United Nations Day – 24 Oct 2015

Halloween – 31 Oct 2015

Christmas Day – 25 Dec 2015

Boxing Day – 28 Dec 2015

New Years Eve – 31 Dec 2015

Interesting Facts About Australia As Holiday Destination

Even though Australia is known to be smallest continent, it is the 6th largest country in terms of land area. Most of its population is concentrated along the south-eastern and eastern coastal regions. New South Wales and Victoria are among the most populated states in Australia.

The Northern areas is more tropical while the Southern areas of Australia is sub-tropical and temperate. Due to being situated in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s winter is from June through to August, while its summer season is from December to February.

Visitor Trends and Top Attractions Within Australia

Among the top attractions that visitors like to see when visiting Australia is the National Botanic Gardens that are found on the Black Mountains in Canberra. It has some of the finest collection of native flora where plant lovers can expect to see more than 90,000 plant types.

Surprisingly New Zealanders love visiting parts of Australia like the Gold Coast, Sydney, Uluru, and Cairns during public holiday time 2015. Apparently they love checking out the Koala and other native animals. Then you will find backpackers from the Western parts of Europe, UK, and North America spending a lot of traveling time in Australia.

Domestic tourism on the other hand tend to peak during Australian public holidays. This is when most of the famous seaside resorts in various states of Australia get an influx of local and international visitors. Good surfing beaches, national parks, fishing locations, rivers, and wine growing regions are some of the favorite holiday destinations visited within Australia during this time.

As much as 2 million visitors are seen at the Great Barrier Reef every year. Other major attractions include the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras where thousands of international tourists get together.

Northern Territory Attractions During Public Holidays Australia 2015

Australian public holidays 2015 see interested tourists exploring Aboriginal culture and other historical attractions in the Alice Springs Precinct. This is where various museums gets visited such as the Araluen Centre, Museum of Central Australia, and the Grand Circle Yeperenye Sculpture, to name a few.

Then there is the Crocodylus Park where visitors get to discover the largest reptiles on our planet while being accompanied by trained tour guides to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Kakadu National Park as the largest national park in Australia has been listed a World heritage site as it covers about 20,000 square kilometers. There is so much more to Australia than meets the eye, which is why it proves to be such a popular destination during Australian public holidays 2015.




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