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Holy Week 2015

All About 2015 Holy Week

Holy Week 2013

Holy Week is recognized by most Catholic and Christian denominations with the main emphasize being placed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There are a few countries such as Puerto Rico, Panama and the Philippines that devote a whole week to this memorable event. Our focus will be placed on the Filipinos who takes this event very seriously.

The best time to plan your vacation would be when it is Holy Week in 2015 in the Philippines. It starts on March 29 to end on April 4th. Often referred to as Semana Santa or Mahal na Araw in the Philippines, Holy Week is considered to be a spiritual event with the Filipinos who are primarily a Roman Catholic nation.

It is only on Maundy Thursday, 29 March 2015, that many companies will remain close through to Sunday, 31 March 2013. These days are officially declared as public holidays. Holy week starts of with Palm Sunday on 29 March 2015. The whole purpose of this week celebration is to commemorate the passion of Christ. Devote Catholics will view Holy Week 2015 as the corner stone of their faith in the resurrection of Christ Jesus.

The first public holiday, which is on Thursday, commemorates the last supper where Jesus and his disciples gathered together. At this gathering Jesus pointed out the one who would betray him in the end. Some TV stations would even interrupt their shows until Black Saturday in honor of Holy Week.

Interesting Attractions To Visit in The Philippines During 2015 Holy Week

The Philippines is an exotic visitor destination that covers a total area of 300,000 square kilometers, and is home to an accolade of more than 7,000 islands of which the Visayas, Luzon, and Mindanao makes up the main ones. Tourists will soon realize why the Philippines is such a popular tourist attraction.

This can be seen in that the country hosts an array of diving spots, volcanoes, golden beaches, and gorgeous islands. Various romantics are lured by the various tourist attractions in the Philippines, which can be seen by some of the more exciting places to visit.

Top Tourist Attractions in The Philippines

Just looking at the famous White Beach on Boracay Island as one of the most gorgeous looking tropical beaches around the world, might get you to make your plans to visit the Philippines during 2015 Holy Week.

Another popular location where you can let your hair down is the Alona Beach at Panglao that is located in Bohol where you will find many local and foreign tourists. It has become a favourite must see haven due to its beautiful surroundings, famous beach resort and Restaurant. It is best to book well in advance for the Holy Week 2015 as this place is any visitor’s dream vacation spot.

Other very popular attractions at Boracay to keep you occupied during 2015 Holy Week include intense water sports, renting a scooter to explore the east coast, and scuba diving at Angol Point.

Adventure lovers will find Cebu as a major diving spot to be the ideal place to visit while on vacation in the Philippines. Visitors will find themselves spellbound by the beautiful Tall Lake at Tagaytay and the world famous Tall Volcano. The various colorful festivals that take place during Holy Week 2015 is part of the reason why many would want to pay a visit to the beautiful Philippines during 2015.

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