Hong Kong Public Holidays 2012

Just thinking of Hong Kong movie icons like Bruce Lee, whose statue can be seen at the harbour tower, will make you realize how much there is still to enjoy here in Hong Kong during public holidays 2012.

Tourists from all over are in awe of various top attractions like the Avenue of Stars, the ladies market, Clock Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong Disneyland, and more.

Hong Kong Dates For Public Holidays 2012

New Year’s Day – 1 Jan 2012

Chinese Lunar New Year – 23 Jan 2012

Second Day Chinese Lunar New Year – 24 Jan 2012

Third Day Chinese Lunar New Year – 25 Jan 2012

Ching Ming Festival – 4 Apr 2012

Good Friday – 6 Apr 2012

Holy Saturday – 7 Apr 2012

Easter Monday – 9 Apr 2012

Buddha’s Birthday – 28 Apr 2012

Labour Day – 1 May 2012

Dragon Boat Festival – 23 June 2012

Hong Kong Special Admin Region Establishment Day – 1 July 2012

National Republic Day – 1 Oct 2012

Day after Mid Autumn Festival – 23 Oct 2012

Halloween – 31 Oct 2012

Christmas Day – 25 Dec 2012

Boxing Day – 26 Dec 2012

Guide to Interesting Places To Visit in Hong Kong

One of the Theme Parks in Hong Kong known as Ocean Park has to areas, the Waterfront and the Summit that are connected by a 1.5 km long cable stretching across a mountain that separates them. This park has more than 19 rides of which two are two roller coaster rides. You can be sure that everyone visiting here will have a lot of fun.

Another place of interest to be visited during Hong Kong public holidays is the Aberdeen area that is known to be the abode of people loving boats. Now a fully functional fishing village where one third of the fresh fish supply to Hong Kong comes from this area. To help prevent overfishing, the vessels used for fishing have to take hiatus in June and July every year.

The Peak as one of the most visited places in Hong Kong features the famous Victoria Peak that stands at least 552 meters tall. Ever since the 30s this area is synonymous with wealth and prestige. Visitors to this area will experience awe inspiring scenery from the Sky Terrace where they will get a birds eye view of the whole of Hong Kong.

It is at the Madame Tussauds museum where fans of Kung Fu stars such as Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan can get to view them as well as other Asian stars like Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung. All kinds of figures can be seen at this museum that includes David Beckham, princess Diana, Picasso, Mozart, Madonna, The Beatles, and more. This is one of the areas where tourists would not want to miss out on while on holiday during public holiday time 2012.

Halloween Treats During Public Holiday Time in Hong Kong

Visitors to the fascinating city of Hong Kong will love the treat they will get when they get to experience the thrills and chills of Halloween this October 2012. The locals have developed an affection for parties and costumes which ensured that this famous Western celebration becomes part and parcel of their tradition.

You will see themed shopping malls, fancy dress parties, masquerading, and festive foods enjoyed by all during Hong Kong Halloween. This is the one time where you can literally let your hair down and have a whale of time.

Whether you choose to be in the heart of Hong Kong itself, or visit places like Stanley that is located towards the southermost tip of Hong Kong, you can be sure to experience the best of Hong Kong at all times while visiting this capital city of China during public holidays 2012.

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