Malaysia Day 2012 / 2013

Malaysia Day in year 2012

Malaysia Day

When is Malaysia Day?

Malaysia Day – September 16 2012, 2013 and every year

Malaysia day is in commemoration of celebrating the joining of North Borneo, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sarawak, to form Malaysia. This formation was planned for June 1, 1963, but was postponed and took place on August 31, 1963.

This formation was made possible by the Malaysian Bill on July 9, 1963 as Yang di Pertuan Agong gave his consent. What makes Malaysia distinct is its diversity where different races and religions from both Sarawak and Sabah were welcomed by Malaysians more than 46 years ago on the September the 16th.

The people from Sarawak and Sabah made some noteworthy contributions to Malaysia that made it the tourism haven that it is today, where tourists can only but marvel because of the diversity and natural wonders displayed by the people of Malaysia. What is amazing, is that the sun shines on Sarawak and Sabah first.

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