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Singapore National Day 2012

National SIngapore Day Parade

Date of National Day of Singapore 2012

National Day is celebrated on August 9th 2012

Why Singapore National Day Has Great Significance To Its Inhabitants

Back in 1966, Singapore celebrated their first National Day, which was one year after
they gained independence from Malaysia. This is celebrated on August 9 every year.
Most of the citizens of Singapore are lucky enough to celebrate this day of independence
by attending what is known as the National Day Parade, while the rest get to celebrate
this big day from home watching all the proceedings on their TV sets.

Celebrating National Day in Singapore in Style

There is certainly no better time to see the best fireworks displays ever than on National
Day that can be seen at the National Day Parade. This year it falls on a Thursday which
many are looking forward to as it is the 47th birthday that will be held at the Float in
Marina Bay.

You can be sure that visitors from all over the world will come to admire this fantastic
display at various locations within Singapore during 2012. The theme this year is “Loving
Singapore, Our Home.” All Singaporeans are invited to join hands and commemorate
this special occasion to show why they love Singapore so much.

It is also a way to encourage everyone that happens to be in Singapore at the time,
to reflect what the country means to them, and how each one can express their love
during this momentous occasion.

Great Excitement Awaits Visitors To Singapore National Day in 2012

This year, tourists wishing to visit Singapore during celebrations for their National Day,
may want to take note where they can all go to appreciate the fantastic fireworks
that will enthrall visitors this year. It is best to come early in order to find a very good
location to view the fireworks from and to enjoy the various festivities and good food
that will be made available during this time.

Even paid venues in some of the more popular locations needs to be booked well in
advance to avoid disappointment. Best to have a closer look at some of the best spots to
view and take pictures of the fireworks.

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Marina Bay Sands Boulevard in Singapore

This spot is still fairly new as it only opened in 2010, but it can be seen as a very good
place to watch the fireworks from. Visitors will have the opportunity to get a perfect
view of all the celebrations taking place. More

Esplanade Waterfront Promenade

Another new place is the Esplanade and it is the perfect spot to see the marvelous
fireworks from this year. The promenade is 3.5 km and conveniently located near the
Marina Centre, Bayfront areas and the Collyer Quay. Visitors over here will experience
many exciting musical performances among other things. More

Merlion Park

Get to experience the best views and even get to feel the fireworks falling on your head
at this very popular venue. It is best to check to watch the latest updates at
with regards to availability of this venue for 2012. More

The Helix Bridge

What better place to view the spectacular fireworks and various ongoings than from
the world’s first Double Helix Bridge. It was opened on April 24, 2010 and attracts huge
crowds as it serves as a direct connection between the Marina Centre and the Marina
South Area. Photographers love the various angles they can shoot from that will make
for very interesting photographs of the firework displays.

The Marina Boulevard Open Area

Families celebrating Singapore National Day will find the Marina Boulevard to be a good
spot as it gives them the opportunity to engage with each other while enjoying family
picnics and then watch the awesome fireworks that will lit the skies in Singapore. All in
line with this year’s theme “Loving Singapore, Our Home.”

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