St Patrick’s Day 2015

St Patrick's Day

Although St Patrick’s Day was celebrated as a religious holiday in the past, it is now being recognized as a secular public holiday. The Irish celebrate this day with much fervor in Ireland itself and also in other countries where there are Irish communities.

When is St Patrick Day celebrated? Every year it gets celebrated on the 17th of March. In the year 2015, St Patrick Day will fall on a Sunday. It is known as the anniversary date of St Patrick’s death.

The Origin of St Patrick’s Day

This day in history revolves around St Patrick where in 432 he was commissioned as bishop to Ireland in order to convert the Irish from polytheism to being Christian. After nearly 30 years of evangelism he died on 17 March 461 in Ireland. There were other christian missions that took place. But it did not stop patrons of Christianity to have a high regard for Patrick as the most foremost patron of Ireland.

St Patrick Day is not only celebrated in Ireland, but also in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, UK, and Argentina.

St Patrick Day Festival in 2015

Families and friends would attend a special mass in the morning at various churches during St Patrick Day in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In the afternoon they would all start celebrations in honor of the bishop Saint Patrick.

Often times this day will fall during the Christian fasting season. Exceptions would be made though for this special day where Irish folk would feast, drink and dance to their hearts content. The Irish government got to realize the potential of this particular celebration and how it could benefit them financially. This is why they would encourage and support the St Patrick’s festival to attract tourists to Ireland.

Various colorful parades, concerts, outdoor theater productions as well as spectacular fireworks take place on this momentous day as part of the festivities taking place in Ireland and other parts of the world. The festivities would normally last a couple of days which is why tourists find it the best time to visit Ireland.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in America

The US are known for making a big thing out of St Patrick’s Day. Major celebrations take place on 17 March every year. Way back in 1762, the world’s first St Patrick day was commemorated in New York City where the first Irish soldiers from the British Army marched through the city.

Nowadays, day of St Patrick is celebrated in style by both the Irish and the non-Irish in the USA. Interestingly, this is the day when the pubs and bars as well as restaurants are their busiest. A lot of alcohol gets consumed during St Patrick’s holiday while people from all over can be seen wearing green clothing on this special day.

Various parades are being held throughout the US to celebrate St Patrick Day. Many of the most popular parades are held in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Boston, and New York. It seems that besides Ireland, certain cities in the USA also attracts many visitors to commemorate this joyous day.

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