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The Facts & Figures of Bangkok

With a population of around eleven million people, Bangkok is located in the centre of Thailand and is split into fifty districts, each with a style and personality of its own. There are areas of Bangkok that have become very popular with tourists, whether for their great location or wide selection of activities and entertainment. Bangkok is noted for its friendly locals and welcoming environment.

BTS Skytrain in Bangkok

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To get around the city of Bangkok, you can use the BTS Skytrain or the MRT underground public transport systems, both of which are quite reliable and simple to use. You could also choose to use a taxi, motorbike taxi or, of course, the famous Tuk-Tuk. Tuk-Tuks are three-wheeled vehicles that travel around the city picking up passengers. For long journeys, they can be quite expensive, so make sure you agree a price before you set off and be very clear about where you want to go. Buses are cheap and plentiful, but it can be difficult to negotiate the routes.

The national language of Bangkok is Thai, although English is widely used, especially within the popular tourist areas. The national currency is the bhat and the satang. Bangkok’s weather can be split into three seasons. The rainy season tends to be between June and October and the typical hot weather arrives between March and May, whilst November to February is usually a little cooler and more comfortable. The average temperature in Bangkok is said to be around 29◦C.

Thing to See & Do in Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew

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Bangkok’s Old City (Rattanakosin) is the location for most of Bangkok’s sights. It is home to the ‘Top Three Temples’ of the city as well as palaces, heritage homes and monuments. There are also plenty of museums within the city, including the National Museum and the Museum of Siam. The Queen’s Gallery and National Gallery are essential attractions for art enthusiasts.

You may enjoy visiting Bangkok’s farms and zoos, including Siam Ocean World and the Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm. Shops are plentiful around the city and you can eat and drink like a king for only a few baht. It’s not all traditional Thai food, though; here you will find fantastic cuisine from all corners of the world.

Canal Tours, boat trips and even mini sailing holidays are always popular in Bangkok and can show you an entirely different view of this magnificent city. If you love having adventures, Thailand is also a popular destination for activity holidays, most of which can be combined with a visit to the city of Bangkok.

For evening entertainment, one can choose from Muai Thai (Thai Boxing), shows, traditional theatre, song and dance shows and of course, the famous Bangkok cabarets featuring comedy shows, singing, dancing and the renowned Thai ‘LadyBoys’. Booking in advance for these shows is highly recommended.


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The city of Bangkok, with its lively nightlight, magnificent architecture and friendly locals, is the ideal place for a city break and a must visit destination whilst on holiday in Thailand. Combine a visit to Bangkok with a tour of Thailand’s beautiful beaches and you could create the perfect holiday!

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