Flying Tips: Useful tips for air travel

Air Travel: Flying Tips

Great flying tips for air travel

Most of us use commercial planes as a mode of air travel, since this is what majority of fliers can afford. To be honest though dealing with long hours in the airport, lost luggage and misplacing of your travelling documents proves to be a nightmare for many of us.

The staff either in the airport or the staff from the travel company/flier are sometimes overwhelmed with a lot of dealings with customers who have issues and can even snap at a customer or even choose to ignore them, and for this reasons, there is need to quote a few flying tips that will let you avoid such mess.

Flying Tips: Bookings

When it comes to air travel, you should always do a research on the airlines before you randomly select one, go online and type airline quality ratings there you will find lists and ratings for all the airlines. They’re usually arranged from top to bottom with the ratings focusing on service, timeliness and comfort.

Across the globe you will realize that major cities have multiple airports, meaning that airlines always try to out-do each other by offering cheaper tickets, you should always confirm with all these airports and airlines before you make a purchase since you will always find a good offer.

Another great flying tip concerns how cheaper domestic flights are compared to international flights, example; if you happen to be flying into a neighbouring country it’s better if you travelled to the border of that country or a town that has an airport by land, then book a domestic flight from that town to your destination, this will see you save hugely on amounts that you would have paid for an international flight.

For people who love choosing seats and sitting areas in a plane, it would be advisable to go on-line and book/pay a ticket there, where you will get to see what seats have been taken and what seats you can reserve at no extra cost.

Some online ticketing firms have the option where customers who have paid for their flight get to print their ticket from their home printer and only present them to the clerks who man the airport boarding parts.

For persons who travel in either business class or first class, they shouldn’t be worried about lounge passes, once you present your ticket to the boarding officer and request them to direct you to the lounge, the will do so immediately and you will have access to some of the beautiful lounges.

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