Worst Travel Destinations

Worst Travel Places

Isn’t enough just to have saved up all your money, take a vacation from a job you so loathe but have to be in so that you can meet your expenses, then you just happen to choose the first destination that comes to your mind as a get away from life anguishes, only to find out that your vacation is worse than you spend your daily life.

Another worse thing is to choose to travel to a destination whose religion runs the entire structure of the law, here you will be locked up for just wearing a bikini or walking shirtless on the beach since their law doesn’t permit such. You cannot even break wind when you travel to such destinations. Below is a write up on some of the worst travel destinations.

Worst Travel Destinations: 3 worst travel places

When you want to travel for a holiday/vacation or just a weekend getaway to relax your mind then these worst travel places shouldn’t be featured in your travel guide.


One of worst travel destinations - Somalia

For over 20 years this is one country that still remains stateless, the law of the jungle is what that governs this country where war lords fight each other in-order to seize control over the others territory, this is one of the worst places where a traveller would want to go lest they want to be kidnapped and possibly hang by pirates asking for ransoms


Iraq - Worst travel destination

Steer clear of this destination if you want to remain alive, this is because in Iraq every minute of the day you have to be alert all the time since you never know when you could step on a bomb, when one could be hurled into your bedroom window and it goes off, here people live a day at a time and thank the almighty when they make it to the next.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic - Worst travel destination

This destination is peaceful yes but as much as it’s the poorest republic in the world, you will end up spending most of your money here not travelling but rather bribing everyone whom you depend on to facilitate/offer you a goodtime, Prices for one are highly inflated especially for foreigners and you have to bribe someone just for asking for directions.


Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.

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