The Best Credit Cards For Travelers

Travel Credit Cards Tips – How To Find The Right One For You

Travel credit cards usually contain rewards points and mileage depending on the means of travel you settled on. If you decide to fly and acquire a travel credit card, and depending on how frequent you fly you earn frequent flyer miles or rewards points when you travel or when you spend.

Lots of companies that deal with travel credit cards have entered into deals with malls, stores and hotels where by card holders can redeemed for travel discounts or free nights at participating hotels, thus saving them quite a lot of money.

Travel Credit Cards: The Best Travel Cards

For everyone thinking of getting a travel credit card, they are obviously looking for a card that is easy to maintain and a card that has the best rewards and most redeemable. And with these two points into consideration, there is a need to list some of the best travel credit cards that you should consider signing up for.

British Airways Visa Signature: when you acquire this card, you should keep in mind that if you want to gain 50,000 flier miles that can easily be translated to two domestic flights or one transatlantic flight, then you need to have spent something like 2,500 USD within a window period of 90 days.

And the only thing you need to worry about this card is just the annual 95 USD maintenance fee. But on the plus side, every dollar spent on a flight ticket you earn 2.5 miles and every dollar spent on other purchases you earn 1.5 USD worth of rewards points on every dollar.

American Express Blue Sky: This cards policy is different compared to other cards; here you earn a 100 USD dollar bill once you have reached 7,500 USD. And this card also grants you 2 USD on every dollar you use in buying a flight ticket. Its annual subscription is only 75USD thus making it a worthwhile card to have.

Travel Credit Cards: Benefits

Owning a travel card credit has its fair share of benefits that include; if you have such a card, and then you will be eligible to receive air travel accident insurance which 90% is granted by the insurance company. Some travel credit card companies’ pay up to 300% for lost baggage.

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