10 Exciting Facts About Fiji

Comprised of more than 332 islands, it’s no wonder that Fiji has become a top holiday destination for folks across the globe. The shimmering white sands, turquoise blue beaches, and the warm culture offer up an inviting landscape for tourists.

Castaway Resort - Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands – Photo source

Officially called the Republic of Fiji, the island country was formerly an English Colony. They’ve since gained their independence and are currently recognized as an independent country.

Before hopping into a plane to jet set straight to Fiji; it might be helpful to know a bit about the country and its culture.

Here’s a rundown of ten essential facts to know before heading to this wonderful island.

Fiji Fun Facts – Quick Rundown

  1. Fiji water is everywhere. Considered a pricey piece of bottled water in the Western world, Fiji water actually comes from Fiji but their headquarters is located in the United States. These are found in abundance when visiting the place and it’s even a standard in most hotels and accommodations.
  2. Fiji Nationals love their Rugby. Unofficially their national sport, thousands of Fiji Islanders enjoy rugby. In fact, the Fiji Sevens Team won several World Cup tournaments and even the IRB series.
  3. Communicating in the country is easy since English is the main language. Apart from Bau Fijian and Bau Hindi, majority of the locals can converse in English. Hence, asking for directions and starting a conversation is easy as pie.
  4. For tourists interested to explore culture, visiting a Fiji village or home means observing distinct traditions. For instance, visiting someone’s home means leaving shoes or footwear by the door. It is also frowned upon to touch someone’s head. (Thomas Baker, the last victim of cannibalism during 1867, said to have accidentally touched the chief’s head which they considered as an act of war. Eventually, they ate him; leaving only his shoes which can be seen at the museum.)
  5. Speaking of cannibalism, this was a flourishing practice before the 19th century. Human sacrifices were also common at that time. Today, the practice has been abandoned and marked as “na gauna ni tevoro” roughly translated, “time of the devil.” Today, a predominant percentage of the Fiji population are Christians.
  6. On a lighter note, the main attractions for vacationers are the islands and beaches. Special Fiji holiday packages are offered left and right promising a glorious time at relaxing hotels and an amazing experience by the beach. Fiji is made up of just 10% of land so expect stunning coastlines and clear shimmery blue beaches to greet guests at every corner.
  7. Making up 25% of their economy, tourism is big business in Fiji. Holiday deals are available almost year round but the best thing about this is that the government handles it quite well. Fiji practices sustainable tourism by advocating eco-friendly resorts; maintaining marine protected areas; providing work and partnering with the locals and more.
  8. When visiting a village, it is customary to bring a gift of kava (yagona.) This kava will be turned into a drink and shared with the rest of the village. The invitation to partake of the drink is an honour and provides tourists with a chance to experience true Fiji culture.
  9. Fiji Islanders are warm, friendly and quite helpful.
  10. Fiji features 28 airports in the country but expect only 4 paved runways (or smooth landings.)

Fiji Culture and People

Fiji culture – Photo source

The country offers countless entertaining activities available for visiting tourists. From exploring various islands to renting fishing charters; Fiji offers a unique experience for everyone.

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