3 Reasons to Make Your Next Holiday A Road Trip

There are lots of great ways to spend your summer holiday, but if you haven’t got anything planned yet, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the options! Do you want to visit another country or stay nearby? Beach holiday or countryside break? Do you want to stay at a campsite, in a resort, or at a luxury hotel? 

Well, one option that you could consider is going on a road trip – which can give you the option to have a number of different holiday experiences all in one break, by travelling around to different places, staying in different accommodation, and having the freedom to do whatever you like as you travel, stopping off at interesting looking places as you tour around.

Here are three of the many reasons why a road trip is such a good holiday idea!

Keep Costs Down

With a road trip, your costs don’t really change for the travel portion of your holiday, no matter how many people are in your group. This means a holiday with your family or four of your friends can cost basically the same as if you were on your own, unlike if you had to book flights, ferries or trains. Even if you choose to use a rental car (click here for options) because you don’t have a suitable vehicle for the trip, it can still be economical compared with other means of travelling, and of course, you can travel whenever you like and with whatever stops you want, allowing you to choose cheaper accommodation options if you are keen to save money.

The Journey is Part of the Fun

With other kinds of holidays, the time spent doing things like getting to the airport, waiting around, flying and then getting the hotel transfer are really just dead time, where you are waiting to start enjoying your holiday. With a road trip, the fun begins as soon as you set off because the driving and seeing new places is all part of the experience. Travelling under your own steam can be an adventure, especially if you venture across the channel, and not being tied to a timetable makes everything less stressful, too.

Take What You Want!

If you like the idea of doing an activity holiday, then it can be frustrating not being able to bring your own gear. If you go on a road trip, you can bring your own equipment in the car without having to worry about excess baggage charges. This will also save you money on renting things at your destination. Having a car will also enable you to bring along more stuff in general (and buy more souvenirs when you’re away!), and this can be a boon if you’re going somewhere where you’d like to be able to dress up, or if you are travelling with young children and need to bring along lots of baby products or things to occupy them!

Road trips can make for unique and memorable experiences, so if you are looking for the right idea for your holiday this summer, whether you are planning to go as a family, a couple, with friends or travelling solo, a trip to some interesting places by car could be a really fun thing to consider and plan!

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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