4 Exotic and Extreme Wedding Destinations

Let’s start off with congratulations! If you’re reading this it most likely means that he (or she) popped the question and you’re looking for the perfect destination to get married. These destinations might be on the exotic and adventurous side but you only get married once so why not enjoy it while it lasts and make it even more memorable.

Kruger Park

Kruger Park

The Kruger Park is a land full of mystery and exotic beauty. It might not be as dangerous as the rest of the list but you’ll be immersed deep into nature and its wildlife. As you prepare yourself for the wedding you’ll see wild animals migrate and move all around you. Fresh elephant tracks will cross your path and you’ll most likely hear the roar of a lion while you do your vows. Tied up with a beautiful landscape and something a lot of other people haven’t done for their weddings you can’t lose.

Under the sea

It’s been done quite a few times but does that mean you can’t do it yourselves? If you love the ocean and both of you are scuba or snorkelling fanatics then having a wedding ceremony under the sea is the perfect way to get married. You’ll be with the one you love, you can invite the whole scuba club and you’ll have beautiful fishes dancing around you as you slip on the ring. The extra bonus is that the wedding dress and decorations will be really cheap.

Near a volcano

Another extreme destination, if you’re into that kind of thing, is marrying close to a dormant volcano. Besides enjoying the thrill of marrying besides a dormant volcano you’ll have the added beauty of nature around you since volcano soil is very fertile. The location of your marriage and how close you get to the volcano is at your own discretion…send us pictures!

Mount Everest

If you’re father’s father and his father’s father’s father climbed Mount Everest then why can’t you. It will be a life time achievement and it will mark you as one of the few who actually married on top of Mount Everest. The climb will be steep and the weather harsh but when you see the glorious view at the top and you start the ceremony you won’t even remember why you had to think it through. Gear up, save a lot of money for this venture and take professional pathfinders with you. This is most likely the most extreme one of the lot so be prepared and train as much as you can.

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