5 Best Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Singapore boasts of a great blend of Asian and European culture which stands as one of the great modern cities in the world. Visitors can’t help but be inspired and be fascinated when they come to this futuristic city state. Singapore is known for its orderly and clean surroundings, showcasing its green architectures, and excellent public transportation. There are various attractions to visit once you get to Singapore but we’ve chosen 5 best Tourist Attractions in Singapore that could make you fall in love with the city.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Check out the most spectacular hotel resort in Singapore. This amazing resort was opened in 2010. It took USD 5.7 billion to build, making it as one of the world’s most expensive buildings. This luxurious resort provides you with the most stunning views from its Skypark viewing deck. While sipping a cup of coffee at the rooftop restaurant, you can see a fantastic view of the Gardens by the Bay that could take your breath away. This luxury hotel has a lot to offer where you can take a swim in its famous infinity pool or enjoy a soothing massage in its renowned spa. You can also experience fine dining options catered by world’s famous chefs like Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsay.

2. Gardens by the Bay

You won’t be able to stay away from this elegantly well-designed green space once you take a glimpse of its captivating beauty. Walk and wander around the three different Bay gardens where you can see different delightful sceneries and green architecture. If you want to escape the bustling city for a moment, you can enjoy tranquility at its best at the Bay east Garden where vibrant plant life greets you. Don’t miss the iconic Supertree Grove and witness futuristic structures cleverly designed to perform environment-friendly functions. You can also check out the Cloud Forest Dome to learn more about biodiversity and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

3. Singapore Night Safari

Embark yourself on an amazing adventure through the award-winning wildlife night park in Singapore. If you are looking for an exciting place to spend the night, visit the Night Safari which is home to nocturnal animals on display. The Safari opened in 1984 and it became an instant hit to over millions of visitors annually. You can experience an exciting tram ride and close animal encounters. Wander around the park to learn more about animal habits and watch an eye-opening show about the preservation of threatened species that were kept in captive breeding programs.

4. Singapore Flyer

Be pampered with the stunning view of Singapore where you’ll take an exciting ride on the world’s largest giant Ferris wheel. You can ask your friends to come join you together with 28 people per car to enjoy a 30-minute ride. Several ticket packages are also offered that includes access to different exhibits that talks about Singapore’s history and how the Singapore Flyer was made. You can enjoy the ride any time of the day from early morning till after dark. After an exhilarating experience on Singapore’s flyer, you can explore the terminal’s restaurants, shops, and other services.

5. Botanic Garden

This is also another garden worth visiting as it is nominated for UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you are on a budget, you will appreciate visiting the Botanic Garden because most of the attractions are free of charge except for the National Orchid garden. Inside this wonderful garden lies more than 60,000 species of plants and animals. This Botanic garden preserved some pieces of Singapore’s rich heritage which is also home to the world’s first children’s garden. You will ultimately feel relaxed when you surround yourself with the picture perfect attractions around the garden like the eco garden or the bonsai garden.


Singapore is an amazing place to visit and enjoy some unforgettable days of your life. If you want you can live in Singapore for an extended period of time being a tuition teacher. You can teach English or any other languages. You can teach subjects like biology, IB, math, physics and more. The number of chemistry teaches in Singapore is particularly low. So, you can earn a handsome amount from working as a tuition teacher in Singapore (click here to sign up). Anyway, be it for a week or two for pleasure travel or to live as an expat, Singapore has to be one of the top places to visit in Asia.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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