5-day cycling tour in Provence

One of the best way to travel any place is through cycling and especially France. You can find some of the best locations in Provence to cycle in and out. With this cycling tour, you will get a chance to discover many villages in the north and landscapes.

And the best thing is that you can choose the amount of cycling you want to do and you can make your trip long or short according to your convenience. Although, we are guiding you with a 5-day tour to experience the historic places by cycling in Provence.

Choose the right tour:

You can start your tour from Avignon and don’t forget to keep a map of Provence France with you. Upon arrival in Avignon you can book yourself a room in a hotel to rest for a while and then you can spend rest of the day in exploring this charming town. You will find many challenging rides here which will help you to spend an exciting day in Avignon.

From the day 2 you can start your activities. Although you can start it from day 1, but you have to travel on your bike so it is important to give your body with the proper rest. On day 2 you can drive to Collias and from there you can start your bicycle trip to Canoe. Here you can see 2000 years old Pont du Gard and it will take around two hours for trip.

Next day you can travel to Chateauneuf du Pape that is 66 km away from Collias. You can travel on your cycle and by doing so you will give yourself a chance to experience the charming wine villages in the north of Avignon. Chateauneuf is a recommended place to visit on cycle before heading back to your hotel in Avignon. Your ride to the destination will explain that why you want to visit the place again and again.

Wine and cycling, the best package !

On the day four you can have option to visit St Remy or Tarascon. Tarascon is a bit far as compared to St Remy but both places will provide you with numerous activities. There are many tour guides that can arrange such day trips for you in the Provence. Some of them includes breakfasts and dinners as well.

Now the fifth day will be your departure and you can start your journey right after the breakfast and if you have further time then you can extend your visit as well.

Olivia Watson

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