5 Things To Look For In A Rental Listing

Searching for a rental property in Dubai can be one of the most exciting things or it can be extremely intimidating too. So, before you start on your quest, below are five things to take into consideration:

1: Policies & Procedures

Be sure to ask about the landlord’s policies as some policies may not be as simple as you think. Some owners may not allow pets, smoking or even young children. Some may not even offer parking. Therefore, if you have a pet, you must thoroughly read or inquire about the landlord’s policy on pets. Never leave anything to chance by assuming. This would eliminate any unwanted surprises for both the parties involved.

2: Amenities

This is a question you should ask yourself before viewing a listing. What do you require in a rental? Is it a washer? A dryer? Kitchen appliances? Or even storage? Would there be shared amenities such as a pool or gym? Or do you want to live in an area like Emaar Beachfront or Port De La Mer Dubai which offers the ultimate beach lifestyle?

Amenities are usually included within the description of the rental listing but sometimes they are not, or what one apartment may have, another might not. Therefore, to minimize disappointment, inform your broker of your wants and needs upfront.

3: Security

Dubai is an extremely safe place to live – matter of fact, it is listed as one of the safest cities in the world, but you should still consider how safe the environment and the property you’re looking to rent is for your own personal safety. Does your rental have its own entrance? How does one access the apartment building?

When it comes to your safety, do not be afraid to ask such questions because trust us, you’ll sleep much better at night.

4: Location and Proximity

One of the many joys about rentals is that you can handpick the perfect location for yourself. Check if the rental is close to work or public transportation and also see if it offers easy access to supermarkets and some of your favorite activities, like the ones in Emaar Beachfront offer.

Sometimes a rental may not be perfectly situated but it’s up to you to deduce if you’d rather be closer to work or closer to the transportation which gets you to work.

5: Affordability

Lastly and most importantly, is the affordability of the rental. Note that the cost of a rental in Dubai may seem pretty straight forward but if one does not factor in all the costs, you may leave disappointed. Along with your deposit (which is usually standard) be sure to factor in the agency fees, Ejari fees, housing fees. Also, confirm what other fees/bills are included within the rental fee.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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