5 Wicked Things to Do in Zante

What happens in Greece stays in Greece. If you’re looking to cut loose and have a little fun during
your trip to the Ionian Islands, here are five fiendish ways to enjoy yourself in Zante, one of the most
thriving cities on the coast. Holidays to Zante are a great way to spend your summer so get out there
and try these wicked things to do.

5: Grab some singles and head for Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

There are only a few strip clubs in Zante, but what they lack in quantity they make up in crazy. One of
them, aptly named Crazy Dolls, is where you’ll find sexy ladies and wild nights, but Moulin Rogue is
where the “exotic dancers” truly come out to play. These ladies know how to show a foreigner a good
time, and as long as the money is right, the evening doesn’t have to end until no one remembers their
name anymore. Just make sure you’re tossing euros during your visit. It’s the local currency, and
that’s good manners.

4: Pop something at Cherry Bay

Cherry Bay

Open from 11pm until the sun comes up or the last drunken tourists fall down in the sand, Cherry Bay
is the place to be if you’re looking for an all-night party. The drinks are cheap, the place is always
packed and the speedboat DJs will never, ever turn down another round. The only question is: Can
you last?

3: Live up to the name of Revelry


Part bar, part live music hall, Revelry offers the atmosphere of a club but the soundtrack of a
respectable rock’n’roll bar. Of course, you don’t have to act respectful, because where’s the fun in
that? Down a few drinks and let your inner Jagger come out to play. If you can’t seduce at least one
person at the bar by claiming to be a sensitive poet-songwriter, you don’t deserve to party on a
tropical island.

2: Get drunk at every bar in Zero’s

bar in Zero's

There are six of them, and it may take all night to work your way through the entire building, but if
you have a liver to match your willpower then you won’t regret a thing. You won’t mind the company,
either: Zero’s has a reputation for attracting the most delectable beauties and exotic islanders in all of

1: Tip your waitress at Waikiki


There’s a ton of nightlife in Zante, so what makes Waikiki stand out from the rest? For starters, they
have lasers and light shows that turn the dance floor into a hypnotic press of bodies and strobe
effects. They also offer cheap and generous liquor so you’ll never have to face the night sober.
What really sets them apart, however, are their staff. Notorious flirts, they aren’t afraid to get hands-
on with their patrons to make sure everyone who walks in the door has an unforgettable night. Now
that’s customer service!

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