6 Things to Pack When You Go on a Long Road Trip

A road trip can be a lot of fun, whether you plan it in advance or hit the open road and see what comes up. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, however, it can be hard to know what to take on a road trip. So, here are some items you definitely shouldn’t forget.

Light layers

When you are inside a car for a long time, it’s common to go from hot to cold and back again, even with the air-con or heating running. Packing clothes that are light layers means you can quickly switch between summery and wintery outfits, without needing to stop somewhere and change in a bathroom. 


The latest tech makes road trips so much easier, and there are a number of items you could bring along:

  • A GPS system
  • An in-car WiFi hotspot
  • Tablet for entertainment and information
  • An in-car DVD player for the kids

Make sure your vehicle has USB ports for charging, so your devices don’t go flat mid-journey.

RV equipment

If you’re hiring an RV for your journey, you may need to ensure you have the right equipment for your trip. Choose an RV rental in Chicago such as Cruise America, and you can get all the equipment you need, from safety gear to pots and pans, but if you’re taking your own RV, you should make a checklist. Some RV owners have a second set of things like bedding to take on long trips, as this means they can simply store these items in the vehicle when it’s not in use.

Pillows and blankets

For ultra-long journeys where you’ll be alternating between sleeping and driving, you should try to get some shut-eye in the passenger seat. A neck pillow and blanket can make a big difference between a night of insomnia and getting some sleep, so you can be refreshed for your leg of the journey.

Healthy snacks

When you think of road trip snacks, you may be picturing the stuff you get out of vending machines, but healthy snacks are better for keeping you alert and well on the road. There are lots of healthy road trip snacks you can make easily and cheaply, and if you are traveling in an RV, then you’ll have plenty of space to store them. If you are going by car, consider getting a cooler to keep your snacks fresh along the way. 

Hygiene items

It’s common to come to the end of a road trip feeling like you need a very long shower. Between greasy road food, sitting down all day and going to gas station bathrooms, road trips can feel a little gross. Make sure you take plenty of hand sanitizer and wet wipes for quick clean-ups, as well as dry shampoo and deodorant if you’re going to be driving overnight and need perking up in the morning. This will help you feel more alert when you arrive at your destination. 

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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