6 Top Things To Do In Israel

Israel is a great country to visit this holiday because there are a lot of fascinating things you can do while there. Israel is a modern country and you will find a lot of luxury hotels that offer comfortable accommodation during your stay. The following are the 6 things that you can do in Israel.

1. Beaches

Israel has more than one hundred breathtaking beaches along the Mediterranean coast. The main beach destinations in Israel are Tel Aviv, Eilat and Sea of Galilee.Many beaches are equipped with facilities like outdoor showers, surfing school, shady areas, palm trees and green grass areas.

2. Dead Sea

Dead Sea is ranked as the sea with the highest salinity in the world. The high salt concentration in Dead Sea allows people to naturally float above the water without any effort. Many people like to smear themselves with the black mud found in the Dead Sea beach because of its healing properties. Some of the Dead Sea beaches are Kalia Beach, Mineral Beach, Ein Gedi Public Beach and Ein Bokek.

3. Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater, also known as Makhtesh is the biggest erosion crater in the world. The crater which has a long heart shape is located in the Negev Desert. Its length is 40km and the width is 2 10km. You can explore Ramon Crater by hiking, cycling and driving.

4. Israel Museum

Israel Museum, the national museum of Israel, offers exhibition on both ancient and modern arts and sculptures. At the Israel Museum, you can explore historical documents like Dead Sea scrolls, replica of Isaiah scroll and the Qumran scrolls.

5. National Parks and Reserves

Israel has over 150 national reserves parks established to protect the wild plants, and wild animals. Some of the most visited national parks in Israel are Yarkon National Park, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Caesarea National Park, and Tel Dan National Park. The parks are equipped with hiking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas,

6. Markets in Israel

Israel has a lot of open markets with hundreds of stalls that sell different types of items like spices, dried fruits, crafts and antiques. Restaurants that serve all kinds of cuisines such as Israelite cuisine, sushi and Swedish cuisine can also be found in these open markets. Some of the popular marketplace in Israel are Tel Aviv Carmel Market, Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market, Tel Aviv Port Market and Antique Market at Dizengoff Square.

7. Hotels in Israel

Tourists who want to have an unforgettable experience in Israel should stay in luxury hotels in Israel like Dan hotels. Tourists can find Dan hotels in many provinces in Israel including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Haifa, Herzliya, Caesarea and Ashkelon. Most of the Dan hotels are located by the beach and you can get a good view of the blue sea from your hotel room.

king David hotel in Jerusalem

Credit: danhotels.com, king David hotel in Jerusalem

Each Dan hotel is equipped with large indoor and outdoor swimming pool. At the swimming pool, you will find a lot of lounges. The spa facility in Dan hotel is one of the best spa facilities in the region. There are lots of restaurants that serve fantastic Israel cuisine.

There are banquet facilities available for rental at the hotels. The hotels is situated only a short driving distance to the center of the city so you can conveniently visit the city in only a few minutes of public commute.

Olivia Watson

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