7 Simple Ways to Travel Kenya For Less


Everyone hopes to save some money during vacations. It is not any different for people visiting Kenya whether for business or leisure. There are a number of ways to reduce the overall cost of the safari and we have listed seven ways to do this in Kenya:-

1. Stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel

If you are a regular visitor or you frequent the country for business or leisure, it is advisable to rent a home instead of a hotel room. Rentals have rates based on the duration of the lease. You can customize the meals and facilities to suit your needs.

This is the best alternative for families with children instead of searching for hotels that cater for parents with children, and having to pay for baby cots or games to keep children busy. It also provides privacy unlike a hotel more so for affluent international travelers.

2. Rent a car or other alternative transport

This gives you control over the transport expense instead of paying a rigid amount without knowing how much you are using. You can ride a taxi when traveling as a group because the cost is shared.

If you are hopping from one place to the other within towns such as in Nairobi, Nakuru or Mombasa, you can enjoy riding a Tuk Tuk which is a three wheeled taxi because it is cheaper and adventurous. Road transport is cheaper than air travel, and most parts of the country have great infrastructure.

For instance, instead of traveling to Nairobi to Nanyuki by air, you can use the road for a three hour journey that takes you through the central province with Mount Kenya as the backdrop.

3. Find budget accommodation

There are many hotels in various parts of the country that meet international standards though without all modern luxuries. They are located close to the town centers thereby allowing guests to sample nightlife and find affordable transport to tourist attractions.

For example, in Nairobi, budget hotels include Jamiat hotel, Hotel Embassy and Hotel Salama among others. Camping is also a cheap option and an exciting experience even when going on a Masai Mara safari as a group.

4. Travel off season

July to October is the peak season because of the wildebeest migration and an influx of tourists doubles demand for accommodation. It is advisable to visit during other months since wildlife is still in plenty. Kenya is home to the big five and other species so if you miss the migration, you have something else to look forward to.

5. Find attraction sites that are not popular

Kenya has over 25 national parks and game reserves. Some that do not receive a large number of tourists include Meru National Park, Watamu and Mombasa Marine Parks and Mount Longonot National Park.

They have great wildlife and activities for individuals and groups, but they are overshadowed by the world famous Masai Mara game reserve and others.

Staying away from the popular tourism circuit can also lead to great deals from places that are not crowded. For example, Samburu has a national park and great accommodation venues. You can also include Lake Turkana to your must visit places.

6. Eat outside the hotel

You can find accommodation takes that are exclusive of meals so that you dine at quality but cheaper hotels. There are many restaurants that fit international needs of clients.

It helps you vary expenses while sampling different dishes the country has to offer. For example, visit exotic restaurants in the town you are getting accommodation.

7. Find tour discounts

These are popular during the low season or preceding major international holidays such as Christmas, Diwali, Easter and Idd. The discounted rates bring tourists in droves.

We hope you find these seven tips useful and hope you will help you save as you plan your next Kenya safari.

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Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.

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