7 Travel Hacks To ensure Hassle-Free Travel

7 Travel Hacks To ensure Hassle-Free Travel

Some people make travel seem offhand, arriving relaxed and refreshed without losing, breaking or skipping anything. The rest of us require a bit of help – and that’s where iSelect travel hacks come in handy. Simple, inventive and above all, affordable, they could contain the key to a smooth and joyous holiday.

  • Keep your luggage fresh with a dryer sheet

Clothes and other fabrics don’t tend to smell their best after lying in a suitcase for many hours, so to counter that dry feeling on arrival, just stash a regular tumble dryer sheet in with your apparel items to keep them scenting fresh.

  • Pack by pre-planning your outfits and making a list

Your heart takes over the packing process and you fill your case with all your beloved items while totally disregarding the fact that you don’t require all of these items.

Start by drafting out a rough itinerary for your vacation and designate an outfit for each day. When you realize you’ve only got time for one day on the beach it makes it much simpler to only pack the one bikini (rather than 17 bikinis for a weekend away!)

  • Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights online

Airlines and travel sites can note your visits by installing cookies on your browser, which can cause the price to rise simply because you’ve searched for those flights before. This is to trick you into buying your flights sooner and promote fancy buying, the cheeky beggars! Avoid it by shifting to ‘Private Browsing’ whenever you book flights.

  • Pack a pen

Conceivably one of the easiest travel hacks of all, but by far one of the most beneficial. There’s nothing more frustrating than requiring to fill in a form or jot down an address or phone number but discovering you don’t have a pen on your person – especially when you don’t speak the local language and can’t get a data signal on your phone. Put a pen in your pocket and you’ll feel far more in command

  • Use ATMs/cash machines to get local currency

These days and age it’s salutary to use these automated bad boys to get hold of the national money, rather than local the currency exchange. Money converters habitually have their own fees and rip-off transfer rates, very likely to be far inferior to your bank.

  • Bring a pillowcase

Never a pillow “just a case” if you’re looking to save space. Bring a pillowcase instead, so if you’re ever in an emergency situation where you need a comfy pillow, just stuff some soft clothes in that case and go to town. Likewise, you can use the pillowcase to compress clothes like a puffy jacket in order to save space in your luggage.

  • Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets

Keeping a fake wallet on you at all the times can come in handy and help you stay safe in case of pickpocketing. You just need to get a fake wallet and then conceal your real wallet somewhere cunning and close to your person, like in an ankle holster or within the crack of your bum.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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