Aaron Wens’ Guide to Moab, Utah’s Best Off-Roading Parks & Trails

While Aaron Wens spends most of his time at sea, in his free time you are more likely to find him roaming the ATV trails of Utah.

His favorite trails – Golden Spike and Pipe Dream – are just a few of the many amazing off-roading parks in and around Moab, Utah. Moab is a haven for people that love to go off-road either with mountain bikes or ATVs. With over 30 trails to choose from and hundreds of miles of travelling, there is always something to experience at Moab. Here are Aaron Wens’ top picks for Moab off-roading adventures.

Hell’s Revenge Trail

Just northeast of the Moab, the Hell’s Revenge Trail connects the Huntress Arch to Sand Flats (where the trailhead begins). For six and a half miles, off-roaders can take the high difficulty trail as is (expert drivers only!) or enjoy a handful of extra obstacles along the way. Those not interested in the extra obstacles may park and spectate other daring drivers. For those who are less experienced, the trail also has the “Tip-Toe through Hell” option which passes the most difficult obstacles on the trail.

Golden Spike Trail

Across the Colorado River to the West of Moab, Golden Spike offers both 4×4 and ATV enthusiasts a 6.7-mile trail on Wingate Sandstone. Even trail bypasses are challenging (rated a 6). For many off roaders, the amazing views that are available throughout the trail are one of the most appealing aspects. Near the top of the north end of the trail, the route opens allowing for incredible views in all directions. Atop the cliff, one can see Arches National Park.

Gemini Bridges Trail

Farther west of Moab, Gemini Bridges connects 191 to 313 for 4×4 vehicles and mountain bikers. This 13-mile trail is less difficult than the Golden Spike or Hell’s Revenge trails. Though less difficult, most of the trail is uphill. It crosses a series of rock arches and ends with a beautiful overlook of Buck Canyon. Aaron Wens notes that you need to be careful when driving this trail though as it is especially popular with mountain bikers and hikers.

Pipe Dream Trail

For off-roaders that enjoy the challenge of narrow roads, they can venture south of Moab and try the Pipe Dream Trail. While some like to take the main 4.7-mile trail and back (a total of nine and a half miles), others prefer to take the 8-mile loop named the Pipeline Trail. Pipe Dream hugs the side of a cliff and is suitable for expert ATVs, mountain bikers, and hikers.

Moab Rim Trail

Just across the Colorado River southeast of the Golden Spike and Poison Spider trails, the Moab Rim Trail “has about the highest density of obstacles of any of the area trails” (Utah.com). Once on top of the rim, these obstacles subside and give way to amazing views of the river, Moab, and Arches National Park. One of Moab’s most difficult off-roading adventures, the trail extends over seven and a half miles long.

Poison Spider Trail

Poison Spider Trail off-roading launches from Potash Road (279) northwest of Moab. Enthusiasts will enjoy beautiful sceneries following the Poison Spider Mesa cliff formations. A one-way trip lasts thirteen and a half miles while a “there and back” trek is 27 miles – by far the longest trail on Aaron Wens’ list here.

In Conclusion

According to Aaron Wens, few regions in North America offer nearly so much off-roading satisfaction as do the trails surrounding Moab, Utah. And while Aaron prefers taking these trails with his ATV, AWD jeep-owners will also enjoy Moab’s challenges and obstacles – so long as they don’t mind the wear-and-tear.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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