Beach Holidays – How to Bring Technology on Your Holiday…Safely!

In our modern world most people rely heavily on pieces of technology like their cell phones, laptops and iPads. Although these devices are incredibly helpful in day to day life, they can be a challenge to keep safe while on beach holidays. Essentially you will have two options when it comes to technology at the beach. You can choose to leave it all at home and keep it completely safe, or you can bring it along and enjoy the benefits of entertainment and communication while on your beach holiday. If you choose to bring your electronic devices along, use these helpful tips to keep things safe and working great.

Keep Your iPad Away From Sand and Sea: One of the most popular new devices to bring along on a beach holiday is the iPad or any other type of tablet computer. They are lighter than a computer but have all the same benefits when it comes to sending emails, catching up on work away from the office, chatting with friends or playing games. The only downside to bringing your iPad along is the damage that sand and the sea can do. Sand will scratch and damage the surface while water can cause it to stop working entirely. Invest in a protective waterproof cover to keep on at all times while on a beach holiday.

Dry Out a Wet Phone: Pack your phone in a sealed plastic baggie for a cheap way to keep it dry while at the beach. If it does get wet, you don’t necessarily have to go out a buy a new phone. First try these steps to bring your favourite phone back to life. Take out the battery pack from the back of the phone and then dry the phone and battery as thoroughly as possible with napkins or kitchen towels. The next step is to place both phone and battery in a large bowl or dish of uncooked rice. The rice will naturally draw out the moisture from your phone over a day or two.

Keep Laptops Out of the Sun: Although you might be tempted to bring along your laptop on a beach holiday, this is actually one device that is better left at home. Sand can be corrosive and do real damage to almost every type of laptop. In addition, laptops are not typically built to withstand high temperatures. Without a proper fan cooling system, they can overheat in the sun. If you must use your laptop at the beach, try to find a shaded area and keep the computer completely away from any sandy areas.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you can safely bring along your favourite electronics to the beach without causing any damage.

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