Benalmadena – a truly Spanish destination


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Benalmadena is a popular resort for holidaymakers, especially British ones, and it has many obvious factors that make an attractive destination.

Being located on the wonderful Costa del Sol in Spain gives it exotic appeal and, as it is located in a prime position to the international Malaga airport, as well as other Spanish attractions, it is the ideal holiday destination.

It has developed over the years to become the highly successful tourist spot that it is, and its natural beauty adds to the holiday charm. Coop Travel is a great company to book with when visiting Benalmadena, because it makes sure you get the best deal.

Beaches for everyone

One of the things that makes Benalmadena an ideal holiday resort is the fact that it has facilities catering to all ages, so singles, couples, and families alike can enjoy what it has to offer.

What most people look for when they book a holiday is a clean, golden beach. Benalmadena has more than 8km of beaches to make the most of, all of them blue flag.

The beaches are also surrounded by a fabulous marina, and the warm weather means exploring the ocean is always fun.

Eating out

It is no surprise that Benalmadena is full of restaurants and bars to choose from, whether you want to taste the local cuisine or have something a bit more familiar. A prime example of this is the lively town of Torremolinos, which has a huge selection of places to eat and drink, serving everything from tapas dishes to UK favourite pub meals.

The peaceful side

For a peaceful day or two, a visit to the old town Benalmadena Pueblo should not be missed. Complete with whitewashed houses and quaint little streets, it is the perfect place to take a romantic walk or enjoy the traditional side of the country.

Endless fun

Benalmadena has no shortage of things to do or places to visit. One day you could be riding a cable car to the top of Monte Calamorro, and the next you could be visiting the animals at the Selwo Marina Marine Park. Co-op Travel has the best deals to suit all the family.

There are also day trips to take part in, including a trip to the city of Seville. These trips can be taken in between relaxing days on the beach, so you create the right blend for the perfect holiday.

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