Best bars and restaurants in Belfast

Fast becoming one of the hottest places to open a restaurant or a bar, Belfast is the ideal location for a gastronomical odyssey followed by the inevitable after-dinner tipple. Travelodge’s Belfast hotel has central accommodation covered, so it’s just up to you to pick a restaurant/bar from this guide!

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The Bar and Grill at James Street South

This recently opened Bar and Grill can be the fine eatery and watering hole you were looking for, all in one. Priding themselves on local produce, this restaurant opened its doors in November 2011, and has quickly become one of the best places to eat in Belfast. Bar & Grill combines the class of a French brasserie, the authenticity of a New York steakhouse but also serves up a slice of Belfast history, being located in an old linen mill.

Bert’s Jazz Bar & Restaurant

Another concoction of bar and restaurant is Bert’s: a debonair, sophisticated, 1930’s style jazz bar. Boasting a French bistro-style menu, an extensive wine list and, of course, exemplary service, Bert’s is another fine example of Belfast’s premium dining scene.


Michael Deane opened what The Telegraph call a “small but brilliant” restaurant in 1993. Such was the success of Deane’s, a two-story version was built in Belfast.  It then won a Michelin star in 2007, which it held it until 2011. What’s striking about Deane’s, apart from the quality of the food, is the sheer affordability.

Bittles Bar

This is one of the peculiar pubs in Belfast, with it’s red-bricked exterior and ‘flat-iron’ shape. You really have to see it. This pub’s character is matched only by the friendly service and extensive whiskey collection. Portraits on the wall, celebrating Ireland’s literary and sporting heroes include: Beckett, Joyce, Yeats, Wilde, Best, Higgins and McGuigan and some of Northern Ireland’s most famous politicians.

The Fly Bar & Nightclub

So you’re fed and watered, but everywhere else is shut now and you want to see the night off in style. The Fly Bar & Nightclub is the place to do that. If you’re a fan of beer, then this place has the selection to satisfy. If you’re not a fan of beers, then perhaps one of their beer cocktails will tickle your fancy; and if you’re not a fan of drinking out of a glass, then you can even drink out of a welly! Don’t believe me? Then go and see for yourself.

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