3 of the best Chile tours

Chile is one of those countries that are perfect for holidaymakers who like to try something different, with the nation boasting a diverse landscape. I love the fact that when you come on holiday here, you can do everything from hike to ski.
Should you be a little bit adventurous and like to do more than sit around a pool or on a beach all day, below are what I think are three of the best tours in Chile that are on offer from Pura Aventura.

1. Vineyards and volcanoes self-drive holiday

Osorno Volcano

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As I mentioned, the landscape of Chile is truly varied, and the fact you can see both vineyards and volcanoes in one trip is testament to this. You’ll start your self-drive getaway in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Before you jump into your car, make sure you explore what the city has to offer, as it’s truly fascinating.
While on the surface Santiago looks like a bustling modern-day city, you can still see a traditional side of the country thanks to the old buildings dotted across the destination, along with stalls selling crafts. Picking up a souvenir or two is a fantastic way to remember your trip, while you should also soak up the bustling nightlife, particularly in the districts of Las Condes and Bellavista.
Once away from the capital, you can expect to drive to some of the best wineries in Colchagua, before taking time to explore the Pacific coast and the forests on the slopes of the Andes. Rafting on the Trancura River and hiking up the Osorno Volcano are two other highlights of this trip.

2. Ski in the Andes

Ski in the Andes

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While Chile’s coastline boasts an array of beaches you can relax on, it is also home to some fantastic ski resorts. If you’re a fan of winter sports, you might be used to heading to the slopes sometime between November and March. However, the ski season in Chile is actually from June to September.
I think this is a fantastic twist, especially as a lot of professionals come here to train ahead of winter competitions – who knows who you might spot! One of the best places to ski in Chile is at Chillan, which is located in what is referred to as the Chillean Lake District.
With 10,000 hectares of terrain to show off your skills on, you’re certainly spoilt for choice and can find a new spot to ski in every day.

3. Hike the Torres del Paine circuit

Torres del Paine

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My final selection as to the three best tours in Chile is the fantastic Torres del Paine circuit, which allows you to soak up stunning views of the national park, including the spectacular sunrises. Should you holiday in summer, you’ll benefit from 17 hours of daylight, and when the sun comes up the sky turns a fantastic purple then red.
A typical itinerary will see you walk through beech forests, but remember to glance back as you make your way across the landscape, as you’ll spot lovely views of Glacier Dickson. At some point during your trip, you’ll cross the highest point of the Torres del Paine circuit. This is known as Paso John Gardner and stands 1,210 m high.
Other highlights on this type of holiday include walking past flower-filled meadows, dazzling icefields and stunning lakes – such as Nordenskjold, as well as the body of water that lies at the bottom of the national park’s towers of rock.

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