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Beer is one of the most universally drinks in the world, and something that you can get in almost any pub or bar. However that isn’t to say that there aren’t differences between regions and that some areas aren’t better at their beer loving than others. Knowing how to find the best beers is an interesting thing to discover, and if you’re a massive beer-fan then it might even colour your decisions when it comes to planning your next trip around the world. Here we will look at some of the best countries for beer and what makes them so good.

Note: This isn’t a definitive list or top ten of beers, rather just a collection of some of the best places to go to enjoy your beer.

United Kingdom

The UK is not renowned for its lagers and the lager enjoyed over there is largely from mainland Europe. However what the UK is good for is ale and if you stop off in a traditional pub anywhere in Britain you should be able to sample some local ale from the tap. This will be one of the best ways to enjoy your ale, and it will allow you to know that you are drinking something local and traditional. In fact the UK is home to fifty Gold award winning brews so there’s a great variety to keep you travelling around the islands from pub to pub. While the UK isn’t just one country, it made sense to include Ireland seeing as it’s the home of Guinness (and you’ll note that the Guinness tastes even better when you’re out there).


Belgium is the home of many very famous beers such as Stella, and is also renowned for its huge variety of different beers from the Abbey beers, to beers made from dark chocolate to those with strange colors and exciting glasses. For many Belgium is the number one beer country, so if you only visit one country for its beer, consider Belgium as a strong contender.


Germany is renowned for delicious lagers such as their Erdinger, but also for their great culture surrounding the consumption of beer – for instance allowing you to enjoy an icy cold beer in one of their famed beer gardens, and hosting the Oktoberfest beer festival.

United States

And don’t forget the US – such a huge country is of course home to some great local beers. While beer isn’t as big a part of the culture as it is in same Germany, it’s still a big part of modern life, and is the home to 50 brews with Gold awards. Many American beers re light and highly drinkable lagers such as Bud, and the US is also home to some of the most imaginative and hilarious beer commercials in history.


If you want to travel a bit farther afield for your brew, then Japan is also home to a number of great beers and stouts. Drinks like Number 1 are very popular here and also overseas , but there are also lots of more obscure drinks you can try here as you might expect. For instance the Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout for is a beer made from espresso beans, cocoa, dark fruit, vanilla and chocolate.


Australia counts beer as its most popular drink, and has many locally produced lagers and ales to this end. Perhaps best known is Fosters, but there’s lots more you can try out here too.


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