Best Month to Visit France: Carnival of Nice 2013

February: The Best Month to Visit France

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You are free to visit France anytime of the year. However, if you wish to share with the fun and enjoyment of the various festivities it offers then you should consider visiting it in the month of February. Share the entertainment provided by the Annual Carnival of Nice and engage with friendly games of chess, backgammon, and bridge with the International Festival of Games hosted by Cannes.

The International Festival of Games

This festivity begins during the second week of February. Enthusiastic players from all over the globe come and visit Palais des Congress, Cannes to witness the free exhibition of card, computer, quiz, and board games created by various companies and individuals. The event aims to provide a friendly environment to all its guests, which is a perfect opportunity to interact with other culture and nationality.

The Carnival of Nice

This is held in late February, which provides an extravagant celebration that will astonish any of it’s participants. This is a two-week celebration that often culminates with Mardi Gras celebration.
The upcoming Nice Carnaval will be held on February 15 to March 6 2013 with a theme “King of the Five Continents.” Make early reservations for the perfect hotel accommodation near Nice Airport because this is a French Annual Event guaranteed to attract thousands of crowd from all over the world.

What to Expect
These are the list of activities you should expect to see come the year 2013:

A minimum of 20 floats work their way to a crescendo as it boasts of gigantic decorations that is set to “wow” any onlooker. Be there when the parade of float begins and take wonderful pictures of this event.

You will not find a dozen entertainers in the street during the Nice Carnival presentation because the streets will be crowded with over 1,000 dancers and musicians joining the celebration.

It is but natural for the organizers to display the beautiful flowers of the Riviera in its floats. 90% of the flowers they use have been grown locally to show support of the flower industry. An estimated 80 to 1,000 of variety of flowers are thrown to the streets by each float. Some of which include gerberas, tokyos, gladioli, roses, daisies and carnations. Find a perfect spot during the parade and it is more than possible you will end up with a bouquet of assorted of flowers on the way back to your hotel room.

The Evening Entertainment
The night is very much alive during this two-week celebration. Be sure you get out of your hotel room and join the locals and other guests as they enjoy the Light Parade that loops around the Albert 1er Gardens. Hold on tight to your children during this parade because they may get too excited you may lose them with the celebration.

You may decide to arrive at Nice Airport during the Second Week of February and witness the International Festival of Games. After which, prepare to have loads of fun and entertainment as you witness the prestigious, glamorous, and extravagant Carnival of Nice.

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