The 4 Top Things To Do At Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda

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If you’re looking for somewhere relatively close to the UK for an active break in 2013, I don’t think you can beat Italy’s Lake Garda. Aside from being incredibly beautiful, this stunning destination has lots to offer holidaymakers who enjoy getting out and about.
There is a host of activities you can have a go at when you book a holiday to Italy in Lake Garda – to whet your appetite here are just a few of the best.


We’ll warm up with a reasonably sedate option that everyone in your party can have a go at – hiking. The area around Lake Garda is a haven for walkers, as there are all manner of trails leading you around the shores of the lake itself, as well as into the mountains that surround the water.
If it’s gentle strolls that you’re looking for, stick to the southern end of the lake where you can wander through rolling hills and along forest paths. To the north of Lake Garda, you’ll find more mountainous terrain, which makes this a better destination if you’re searching for a challenging trek.
Another reason to stride out in the north is to explore some tunnel systems that date from the first world war. For example, you can follow a circular route from Biacesa that will lead you to a restored Austrian tunnel system on the slopes of Rocca Peak.

Mountain biking

To up the tempo – and still take advantage of Lake Garda’s undulating scenery – hop on your bike for an exciting way to see the region. In fact, Lake Garda is regularly cited as one of the best places in Europe for mountain biking, thanks to the 1,000 km of marked trails that crisscross the area.
There are routes suitable for beginners, as well as runs that will get the adrenalin flowing for even the most experienced of riders. Lombardy is a great place to base yourself if this is one of the activities you’re most interested in trying, as there are lots of trails around the destination.

Wind and kite surfing

Of course, as you’ll be right next to a lake I think it would be a shame not to have a go at one or two water-based sports. Among the most popular in Lake Garda are kite surfing and windsurfing. The northern part of the lake is the most suitable for these sports, whether you are experienced or want to try one of them for the first time.
This is a great place to learn to wind or kite surf as well, because there is a wide selection of schools where you can pick up the basics and hone your skills on a board. Torbole and Riva are widely regarded as the best places to stay if these are the kinds of pursuits you’re interested in.


If you’ve got a head for heights, you may want to base yourself in Arco, as some of the most challenging cliff climbs around Lake Garda are located within easy reach. There are actually more than 2,000 climbing routes spread across the area surrounding Arco, so if you’re a seasoned climber, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied.
Don’t worry if you’re not ready to scale sheer rock faces just yet, though, as there are various climbing schools in the area to help you get to grips with the sport and progress at your own pace.
There are plenty more sports to try in and around Lake Garda – including scuba diving and paragliding – let us know what pursuits you’d have a go at on a trip to the region.

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