Boat Excursion to Cabrera in Mallorca

The Island of Cabrera is located in the south of Mallorca and on clear days we can see it perfectly from the Colonia de San Jordi, a place where boats leave every day to take you to this protected island to spend a few hours or spend the day. Thanks to Click Mallorca we have had the opportunity to visit this beautiful island to spend the day and enjoy its beauty by taking a boat tour with 4 hours of free time at the island, and with a swimming stop in the wonderful blue cave. This was a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

Cabrera Island

The island of Cabrera and its islets are protected to preserve its wonderful ecosystem, thanks to the presence of the military since 1916, they carry out this protection work, therefore the roads and places that can be visited are delimited and when you arrive to Cabrera, the official guide of the National Park gives you a small speech with the rules and norms. To go to the island, you need to leave from the Colonia de San Jordi. The boats  leave daily, especially in the tourist season, and it has a maximum capacity of 50 people with a crew of 3 people.

 The journey lasts half an hour – 40 minutes, depending on the sea conditions and it is a route that enjoys great views, especially when we arrive to Cabrera, and we start to see those islets close to the island of Cabrera.

The boat leaves around 10 in the morning, and before 11 you are already in Cabrera. You must bring food and drinks, sunscreen, parasol, good walking shoes and what is necessary to spend a few hours there, since in the island there is only one bar, La Cantina, and offers drinks and some food but it is better to take some. Once the official guide gives the necessary instructions to spend a few hours on the island, there is free time until 3:00 pm that our boat will pick us up to take us to the blue cave.

What can you do and visit in Cabrera?

  • Climb the Military Fortress, a castle that was built in the 14th century at the entrance to the port to prevent this island from being used as a pirate base and to be guarded. You can walk up to this castle from the port and in just 10 minutes from above you can see unique views of the island of Cabrera.
  • Visit the Cabrera Museum to discover the History, species, ecosystems and others that the island has.
  • Enjoy the beaches of Cabrera: specifically, 2 beaches, one closer and the other that you have to walk a little more, the S’Espalmador beach, which is wonderful.
  • Take an excursion to the Cabrera Lighthouse, an excursion of at least 2 hours of walking.
  • See the archaeological remains that Cabrera has, near the beaches.
  • Have a drink at Bar La Cantina and enjoy Puerto de Cabrera.

A planning route in Cabrera

As you see, there are plenty of things to do within the 4 hours we have free time on the island. On our day, we went up to the Fortress. We were amazed with the views from up there with the port, the beautiful island, the beach… We already started to see sargantanas (small lizards) everywhere; they approach you and even climb on your foot, but they are harmless, they look for food like crazy.

In the hot weather, after coming down from the Fort there was nothing better than having a cool drink in La Cantina, the bar was full of all the people who had come on excursions, a good atmosphere and a bit of relaxation with views of Puerto de Cabrera. Then we will walk to the beach, where there is a shady picnic area to eat there. The water was so crystalline! With a lot of fish approaching, some huge, so it was like swimming in a huge fish tank.

To end the excursion with a good taste, nothing better than entering the blue cave and to swim in those incredible waters. They are so blue! hence the name of this natural cave that Cabrera treasures.

Olivia Watson

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