10 Can’t Miss Attractions in North Dakota

Wild Horses in Theodore Roosevelt

When people think about can’t-miss attractions in the Dakotas, they often think about Mount Rushmore. Too few people look north to find some great vacation spots, sight-seeing opportunities, and opportunities to experience a little bit of history. That’s exactly what North Dakota can provide in just a short trip to the Canada-bordering state. So let’s show South Dakota’s fraternal twin a little more love by going through some of the top sites to visit in North Dakota.

Lewis & Clark Riverboat
Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, this riverboat harkens back to the steam-boat days of the Mississippi River but offers a more modern experience as, like Lewis and Clark did, you travel over the water and through the woods. The 40-foot boat might not look like a major cruiseliner that displaces the water volume of a small city, but the luxury contained therein will surprise you.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Located in the North Dakota Badlands and named for the president who worked towards greater conservation, this national park provides some of the most stunning views you can expect to find in the entire United States. It’s not surprising that many refer to these badlands as the Grand Canyon of the north – and you’ll see why for yourself once you get up close and personal.

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame
No, this isn’t about the Dallas Cowboys, but about the tradition of the old west and a historic look at what was going on in North Dakota – and the entire west – at the latter half of the 19th century going into the 20th. Top names in rodeos and racing are enshrined here.

Elkhorn Ranch
One of the sites in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Elkhorn Ranch site is where Teddy Roosevelt himself once raised cattle, lending a little presidential history to your North Dakota tour.

Grand Cities Art Fest
This festival in Grand Forks is the home of music, food, and just about anything else you can think of if you need a good escape when going to North Dakota.

Plains Art Museum
Located in somewhat-infamous Fargo, the Plains Art Museum is home to some intriguing pieces and a robust overall collection.

Medora Musical
Performed in the North Dakota Badlands, this musical/variety show provides some local entertainment that suits the environment just fine.

Fort Totten State Historical Site
Featuring an authentic Army post that’s been kept true to historical facts and live performances in a historic theater, this is a great place to take your kids who have a thirst for history or even simple entertainment.

Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel
Need we say more? If going to a casino isn’t good enough for you, then enjoying the hotel probably will be. Dining, golfing, blackjack – this is definitely the place to stay when visiting North Dakota.

North Dakota Horse Park
It might feel like Kentucky, but it’s actually an ideally-located horse race park in North Dakota that has all the excitement of the Kentucky Derby – and none of the silly hats.

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Paul Moore is a marketing strategist for Bakken Residence Suites, a North Dakota rental business offering housing for oil workers. Housing suites are come with a full screen TV, full bath, housecleaning services, private bedroom, wireless internet, washer/dryer, grill and more.

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