Consider some Airport Perks to make your Holiday even more Special

When it comes to the family going on holiday, it can be an extremely exciting time.  People work very hard throughout the year in order to have a very special holiday. There are little things that you can do in order to make it a little bit more special (and hassle free).  We have listed below some suggestion as to things that can be considered.

Business Lounge

If you are lucky enough to be flying business class with one of the airlines then you will get automatic access to one of the lounges.  If you are going first class on a long haul flight then you will access an even better first class lounge. If however you are not flying in one of these classes, you are still able to access some lounges at most international hotels for a fee.  If you have never been in a business lounge then you can expect to have some free food (nothing extravagant but nibbles), some drink and things like free Wi-Fi. Clearly the comfort in the executive lounges are a big plus and you will find that this is probably the biggest sale point.  If your flight is delayed, instead of strolling around the airport, you have the added benefit of making the most of a bad situation and having some food whilst being comfortable. You will not normally be able to access a business lounge for an airline unless flying the appropriate class with them however there are normally a few independent lounges to choose from in an international airport.  If you know that this is something that you will want to do then the recommendation would be to book this in advance on the internet. This will normally be a lot cheaper to just turning up on the day and looking for access. In addition, you run the risk of the lounge being full and not getting access.

Parking Perks

If you have decided that you are going to take your own car down to the airport then you could find yourself receiving a couple of little perks.  This can include an official meet and greet parking Heathrow Airport option where you can take your car direct to the terminal, leave it with the attendant who will then go and park your car.  This is far more luxurious that parking in a space miles away from the airport and getting a shuttle bus or tram. In addition to this, there is also valet parking Heathrow Airport options where with the same company who have met and greeted you, they will valet your car whilst you are on holiday and then deliver it back to you spick and span.  Take a look at Heathrow Parking where you can get the best price for this.

Security Fast Pass

If you are travelling at peak times then you may get caught up in large lines going through the security gates.  These lines can cause a lot of stress – especially if they are long and you are worrying about missing the flight.  One of the options you have is to purchase a fast pass. These are not expensive and will then give you the chance to skip the lines and go through a special VIP area.  Here you will be through security in a matter of minutes whilst the others are still waiting patiently in a line.

Luggage Delivery Options

Carrying your luggage around with you can be a painful experience (especially if you have a lot of it) and there are a few options that can help you out.  There are luggage delivery service options where you can have a company come and pick this up from your home (or hotel), take it to the airport on your behalf and the next time you see it will be at your final destination.  There is sometimes a lot of apprehension from people about using this sort of service as things can get lost however you will find that these companies have a really credible reputation and are insured in case the worst does happen and your bags do not make it.  If you are travelling to the airport via public transport then this could definitely be a consideration. You would expect this sort of service to be expensive however it isn’t really. In fact, some UK bank accounts will offer this as an added free service when you have an account with them.  


In international airports like Heathrow Airport, you can book yourself into a treatment area to get something like a massage.  This would be a completely awesome start to a holiday and ensure that you are fully relaxed. Prices for this in the airport is not much different from what you would expect to see in the cities.  If you are 100% sure that this is something that you want to do then the recommendation would be to book this in advance to avoid disappointment. If you are travelling with your partner then you could get a joint massage for both of you!

Duty Free

One of the highlights of a holiday can be the duty free in the airports.  Here you can get away from paying tax on goods that would normally have this added.  You get many good deals here in these duty free stores and it is worth taking a look to see what the daily offers are.  Make sure that you do not get caught out though on exceeding your duty free allowances. These are well published depending on where you are travelling to and from but if you are unsure, you should ask the attendant for support.  If you have exceeded your allowance then it is important that you then declare this at customs on your arrival back to the UK. Generally they will either make you pay the tax on the goods or confiscate it. If you do not declare it and try to enter back into the UK and they search you and find things then you could be in a spot of trouble.


It is sometimes thought that you should not exchange currency at the airports as the exchange rate may not be the best.  This is generally true and normally if you do your homework in advance and shop around online, you will find good deals.  Something to bear in mind though with currency exchange places in the airport though is that no matter what they advertise, you can normally haggle with them.  The more money that you decide to exchange will also affect the rates that you get. Not only is negotiation at these places an added perk, but you can always pay here using credit cards.  This is not always accepted online or at the high street. If you hold a credit card that gives away air miles for spend on it then clearly by spending a few grand on currency, could bag you those extra air miles towards your next holiday!

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.
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