A Cruise for Every Traveller

Cruises for travellers

A cruise is a great vacation, where you have perfect views, food served all day, entertainment for all ages and there are different price ranges. Cruises have gone to the next level by defining a cruise for a specific need. Now you can search for cruises according the type of traveller you are.

The retired couple

This particular cruise caters for a specific age group. You get two types, and they both include no children on board. The first one is an over 50’s sexy cruise, it includes luxurious accommodation with exciting experiences and entertainment. Meeting new people on this cruise is easy and fun, you will probably find yourself dining with new friends every night. The second type of cruise is for anyone over 21 years old. It is more traditional with professional dance classes, classic romantic films and themed evenings. An interesting fact is that 70% of over 50’s believe they are more adventurous now than they were in their younger days.

The Honeymooners/Romantic getaway

Currently the highest rated romantic cruises are the Princess cruises. Romance is the main focus of these cruises, they try to bring in a cosy feel within a large ship. The boat hosts mini-suites that have walk-in closets, mini bar fridge, internet, large balconies and laundry services. You have the option of dining on your balcony, where food is delivered and served to your suite. The boat also has on-board romance, these are ideas catered specifically for romantic time. You can enjoy ‘movies under the stars’ while snuggled together under warm woollen blankets. On the top deck there is a private cabaret singer, where you can dance under the stars.

The young family

One of the best cruises to go on for a family is any of the Disney cruises. It offers fun for the entire family; most importantly the children are entertained. There are sections designed for young children and for teenagers, so they can also meet new people. Entertainment includes, Waterworks Park on board, scenic whirlpools, art studios, cooking classes and beading. Adults can also enjoy cocktail lounges, a quiet cove pool and speciality restaurants.


For singles, there are two types of cruises available. The first one caters for a specific group, such as churches, young professional, alumni groups etc. The aim here is meet likeminded people in the hopes of finding someone special. These cruises generally only last a couple of days and involve anything from informal games to formal nights out. The key to enjoying this and making the most out of it is to get involved in all the activities.

The second type of single cruise is the Carnival single cruise which is more enjoyable for younger cruise members between the age of 21 and 30 years old. These cruises are affordable and designed for young adults looking to have a great time. Carnival cruises offer different clubs, Vegas style entertainment, singles mixers and amazing diners.

Guest Post by Nicole:

Nicole de Freitas loves travelling locally and internationally by ship and is very clued up on shipping insurance.

Olivia Watson

Olivia is a world traveler who has been to 27 countries in just over 15 years. She loves to share her knowledge of traveling to help others travel safer, cheaper and have more fun.

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