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There are infinite reasons to go to Africa and as soon as you take the plunge you’ll discover a land that’s as diverse as it is beautiful. From the palm-fringed beaches of Mozambique to the national parks of Swaziland, if you’re looking for paradise on earth then you’ll be hard-pushed to beat this fascinating continent.

As there are 56 countries that make up Africa you may find it pretty tricky to decide where’s best to visit and with this in mind I’ve compiled a short-list of five nations to get you started. So, whatever you’re looking for: culture, wildlife or adventure, make sure you check out Africa as you won’t be disappointed.

South Africa

Often considered a relatively easy introduction to the continent, South Africa presents an eclectic mix of modern marinas, wine groves and shopping centres to ensure that you never feel too far from home. However, getting away from cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg enables you to really discover the natural delights of SA as national parks, such as Kruger, and coastal regions, such as the Garden Route, present a vast wealth of beautiful flora and fauna.


World-renowned as the home of some of the most exciting animals on the planet, Kenya is undoubtedly the safari capital of the world. From the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro to the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, Kenya holds a remarkable majesty that will prove captivating to every type of traveller. National parks such as the Maasi Mara and the Rift Valley provide untold amount of adventures and if you’re interested in city life then the streets of Nairobi provide an exhilarating contrast.


Small and yet perfectly formed, the white sand beaches and warm trade winds of Zanzibar have time and time again proved to be a captivating prospect for travellers looking for rest and relaxation. Often visited after an adventure tour of neighbouring Tanzania there’s plenty to see and do on this beautiful island that justifies a visit in its own right. The capital, Stone Town, has a fascinating heritage that is encapsulated in its buildings and fortifications and if you’re volunteering abroad then there can be fewer places to do so in such idyllic surroundings.


What’s left to say about Tanzania other than wow! If you’re looking for wildlife then N’gorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara are bursting at the seams and a safari tour will bring you face to face with some incredible natural sights. For travellers who fancy a mountain trek then Kilimanjaro promises a steep and yet achievable ascent that will prove to be both challenging and inspirational in equal measures. Tanzania is a country that will give you a once in a lifetime glimpse into the culture and natural beauty of southeast Africa.


Last but not least, Ghana, in the northwest, presents a traditional and tropical vision of life in Africa and thanks to its position next to the Equator you’ll discover a thoroughly absorbing array of natural habitats. From lush rainforests to colonial buildings to gorgeous white sand beaches, a trip to Ghana will leave you in no doubt as to why Africa is a must visit destination.

With plenty of options for families and adventurers alike, Africa is a highly attractive destination for infinite reasons. As with any area of travel, researching your chosen country in advance is a great way to prepare for what’s in store and Africa is no different. No matter where you chose to go, if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, experience new cultures and find yourself in an array of incredible situations, then look no further than a trip to Africa.

Guest Post by Chris:

Biog: Chris is excited about the prospect of visiting South Africa and undertaking the Garden Route in the very near future.

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