Discovering the Golden Gate bridge: our favourite ways

Golden Gate Bridge


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It’s usually hard to attribute enough importance to the bridges we cross in our daily life. Most of the time, it’s all about the utilitarian value of going from A to B. Bridge or simple road, it makes little difference to the driver.
Yet bridges have meant much more over the centuries, and they still do in some rare occasions. Be it that bridge that Caesar crossed over the river Rubicon, or the Stari Most in Bosnia, both a historic symbol of the country and the victim of a bombardment during the bloody Bosnian war in 1993, bridges have played a crucial role in history.
But more recently, famous bridges have also turned into popular culture icons. Among them, the Golden Gate Bridge boasts the most unmistakable silhouette. Its looks are indeed stunning, and the size awe-inspiring. Yet simply walking across it may not do the iconic San Franscisco bridge enough justice.

Golden Gate Bridge

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There are indeed many ways for visitors to discover the Golden Gate, but all of them are in fact also an excuse to explore the San Francisco bay. A trip around the bridge can easily turn into a marvellous tour of this beautiful coastal area. If you’re a sea lover, joining a Red and white fleet cruise is the best way to get in touch with Frisco’s aquatic soul. Looking at the bridge from below, a feeling of awe will be inevitable. But the trip is not just about the Golden Gate, and it also takes you right in front of the legendary Alcatraz Island. With expert tour guides on board and Red and White fleet discounts available online, this surely is a convenient and affordable way to discover the bay.
For those looking for an adventure out of the ordinary instead, an air tour is probably a more suitable option. Seaplane Adventures takes you on board of an Alaska Bush seaplane for 30 minutes, from which, as well as the bridge, you’ll be able to see the Fisherman’s Wharf, Angel Island and Alcatraz from up above. To get on board, you’ll just have to reach Pier 39 where transportation to the Sausalito seaplane base is available.
Finally, if you’re more of a urban guy and there’s nothing quite like the concrete streets of a buzzing American city, Fire Engine Tours leave from Fisherman’s Warf and show you what the bridge means in term of daily transportation in the city: during a 75 minutes adventure on an authentic fire engine, you’ll cross the bridge in between Presidio, Crissy Field, Sausalito and Fort Baker. After this tour on the unusual and fun vehicle, the bridge and the streets of Frisco will hold no more secrets.

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