Eco-friendly tips for your family holiday

If you’re looking for ideas for your next family holiday, but want to make a change this year, try making your family holiday an eco-friendly one. From the car you drive in to where you stay and what you eat, there are so many ways to make your family holiday a green one. If you want to find out more about how you can be environmentally friendly on your travels, take a look at this guide from British company, Passsmart.

How are you getting there?

By road can be the most economic way to travel. Consider staying closer to home to minimize your CO2 emissions, and, if possible, hire an electric or hybrid car for your vacation.

You don’t have to, however, have an eco-car to be an eco-friendly driver. If you’re embarking on a family road trip and traveling in your own car, there are plenty of ways to minimize your carbon footprint whilst on the road. Try not to do any harsh braking and accelerating. This style of driving will only produce more emissions, and cost you more in petrol.

Carrying the least amount of weight possible is also a great way to minimize your fuel consumption. We know it’s virtually impossible to pack lightly when taking the kids away, but try to minimize your load by taking out anything you don’t need. The chances are you’ll be using your roof rack, if you have one, but if you’re not, taking it off will free up some weight.

Avoid plastic bags and bottles!

Try to avoid taking anything packed in plastic bags. Instead use re-usable bags for things which won’t fit in your suitcase, and then use them to carry anything you buy at the local store when you get there.

Thermos flasks are a great alternative to taking plastic bottles with you. Instead of throwing them away and creating unnecessary waste, you can reuse them every day. You can even fill them up with tea, coffee or hot chocolate for any adventures on a cold day!

Where are you staying?

The most eco-friendly way to stay is out in the open. Camping can be a fun adventure for the whole family to enjoy, but if you don’t want to get that close to nature, going self catering is another great option. Look out, in particular, for holiday cottages which market themselves as eco-friendly.

Alternatively, you could try one of the ‘green’ hotels scattered around the world. The ‘green’ hotels association aims to save water, energy and reduce solid waste. The ever-growing association brings together hoteliers interested in the environment, and provides families with luxury, eco-friendly places to stay.


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There are so many eco-friendly activities which families can enjoy while on vacation. Try taking the kids on a bike ride or for a walk in the country. If you’re staying in a town or city, explore by foot.

Go fruit picking and take a picnic with you to avoid spending money whilst you’re out. Try to take healthy snacks which don’t create much packaging, and make sure you take any rubbish back with you.


Where possible, buy handmade souvenirs from a local shop, instead of commercially produced items from big stores. This way you’ll be giving back to the community and will have some great, unique gifts to give to your loved ones!

This is a guest post was written by; the company helping to get learner drivers on the road in the UK.

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